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Simple and fast data integrations

Say goodbye to the hassles of scattered information across multiple platforms and welcome a unified, centralised, source of truth for all your valuable data. Routeblaze is a clever, agile API service designed to enhance, streamline, automate and accelerate your data pipeline. It means your teams can enjoy enriched data connectivity and automation without delay.

Quality data drives the best decisions but with more and more data flowing into and around the business, you need to integrate, clean, and manage the data, in real-time. Routeblaze will transform your data silos into real-time insights.

Consider the business benefits of Routeblaze

There is no point collecting and storing all your data unless you plan to use it. The problem is that the useful data insights will be hidden and spread across different data silos and in different apps. Extracting the key data and bringing it together into a simple digestible and actionable format is the magic you need. Routeblaze will help you automatically create the insights to drive your business.

Simple & Fast icon

Simple & Fast

Effortless API creation. No need to build multiple integration tools.

Connected data delivers better decisions icon

Connected data delivers better decisions

Empower your team with accurate real-time data to make informed decisions faster.

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With smart logic, tasks, and mapping, across multiple platforms to automatically provide a single source of truth.

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Scaleable, Flexible, & Reliable

Consolidating data sources into a centralised hub and scales with you.
Connects databases, applications, or cloud services for total flexibility.

Solves your tech bottleneck issues icon

Solves your tech bottleneck issues

Connecting data has never been easier and quicker.

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Does exactly what you want

Bespoke solution that makes any complex automation simple.

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Future proof

Streamline operations, enhance productivity, automate processes, and gain a competitive data advantage.

Simplifies complex tasks icon

Simplifies complex tasks

Unified data ecosystems at your fingertips. Empower your team with accurate real-time data to make informed decisions faster.

Automates mundane tasks icon

Automates mundane tasks

Routeblaze loves the repetitive jobs that humans hate like double keying.

Routeblaze to the rescue!

Unlock the power of seamless data connection with routeblaze and revolutionise the way you integrate and manage all your data sources. Traditional integration methods often create challenges of their own. It can easily consume resources and take much longer than originally planned. Routeblaze offers a seamless, and scalable solution where integrations are swift, secure, and easy to manage. Talk to us.

How Routeblaze helps?

Routeblaze is made up of a collection of tools and services, that together collaborate to build powerful connected experiences. At its core is the Execution Agent. The Execution Agent is a server-side service where your workflows, integrations and business applications live, and can be deployed either to cloud or on-prem.
Business applications are developed using Routeblaze Studio, which integrates seamlessly with the Execution Agent. Studio allows you to develop, test and deploy your applications – and provides a gamut of tools that make turning ideas into reality simple and intuitive.

Routeblaze take a Rapid Application Development approach to building business apps – including API development. You can create and deploy a new API in seconds using Studio’s powerful app templates and integrated deployment.  But the real power comes from its ability to build complex workflows behind your API, leveraging your existing data sources and services. Couple this with graphical mapping tools to transform, enrich and aggregate your data, and you’ve got a supercharged toolbox that accelerates development from all angles.

The main difference between Zapier and Routeblaze lies in the flexibility and power of the language used to build your apps. Routeblaze is built around an Apache Camel core – which is best-of-breed Open Source framework for integration and workflow management. It has an extremely powerful expression language, which when combined with a huge number of components out-of-the-box ( allows you to build anything you can dream up – instead of simple, point to point integrations.


The real power of Routeblaze is in unlocking your data and services to provide a truly connected experience. This involves multiple data sources, connecting into multiple applications. Routeblaze comes packed with a host of Enterprise tools to allow you to build and manage business apps and data at scale.

With Routeblaze you can breathe new life into your legacy systems. Unlock the data they contain with either an off-the-shelf adapter – or build your own with our Software Development Kit. Then wrap these systems in an API Gateway – extending the useful life of your existing infrastructure.

We will work with you on the process and provide tutorials if required.   It is easy to get going.
Routeblaze Studio comes with a built-in test environment, allowing you do design, develop and test new projects without having to provision any additional hardware or services. You simply need to tell Studio to create a new project container in its test environment, and a new project in Studio’s Service Builder.
Ideally you should think about how you application will source data – and what it will do with that data – in terms of routing, transformation, and finally delivery to its intended destination.

It won’t make you a coffee in the morning, but from a Business Process Automation Routeblaze has you covered.

Routeblaze has built-in support for high-availability – i.e. failover nodes can be configured to take up the slack if a particular service becomes unavailable. In addition, Routeblaze comes bundled with a Transaction Manager (Atomikos) which can be used to prevent data loss via XA Transactions for certain endpoint types.

Routeblaze has a fine-grained security model, allowing precise configuration of who can access what. It has built-in support for credential-encryption, and also supports TLS1.3 SSL for adapter types supporting SSL (E.G. JMS, IBM MQ, REST, SOAP etc)

This very much depends upon the complexity of the project in question, but Routeblaze is built around a Rapid Application Development philosophy:
  • Seamless integration with Studio and Exec Agent runtime mean application environments can be built in seconds
  • Integrated data tools (e.g. MQ Series, ActiveMQ, Rabbit MQ etc) allow rapid prototyping and testing of connection setup
  • Code generators automate the construction of your project based on the work done in the data-tools, meaning zero code to get connected
  • Powerful and comprehensive snippets automate the development of a huge number of use cases around:
    • Connectivity
    • Routing
    • Transformations
  • Integrated visual mapping tools allow drag/drop development of mapping logic. Map between XML <- -> JSON <- -> Anything else in minutes
  • One-touch deployment from Studio into your Execution Agent, means extremely short code/deploy/test cycle to iterate until your app is ready

Clear the bottlenecks

How would you like to quickly complete those important dev projects without using your resources?   Well, that’s where Routeblaze comes to the rescue.

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Tell us about what you need and what you want to achieve. We will help you create and plan and then deliver that with Routeblaze. No project is too big, small, or complex for Routeblaze.

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