Do you make the most of your digital leads?

Do you make the most of your digital leads?

Over the last 2 years customers have had no option but to buy online in many sectors including Automotive and Estate Agency. While it was a convenient and practical necessity during the pandemic nothing can replace the importance of the human element in the whole sales process. Speaking to customers is especially important with high price low frequency purchases where customers need reassurance from a friendly expert. Price will be less important than customer service, so speaking to your new customers quickly has never been more important to win the sale.

This has created a need for both streamlined and high-touch system, or lead funnel, to meet customer’s high expectations. It seems impossible…without automation! Cleverly designed automated software working in conjunction with human-to-human interactions can help you keep ALL customers happy, not just the lucky ones who get a response.

The data backs it up. Did you know that 78% of customers give their business to the company that responds first? Or that on average, companies only reach 50% of their leads? The result is frustrated clients and a wasted marketing budget.

Plus around 40% of the leads that salespeople consider ‘lost’ are actually customers still ‘in market’ and happy to engage. The problem will only get worse as customers continue to make more calls year on year. According to Zendesk, there has been a 30% increase in customers reaching out to companies in 2021 and the trend is expected to continue.

These statistics highlight why every digital lead needs to be called; to protect your reputation, improve your ROI and enhance your customer service. So what tools are out there that can help?

That’s why we made TalkingForms
TalkingForms will connect your team to a customer over the phone within 30 seconds of them completing an enquiry, providing exceptional customer service and ensuring no leads get lost.

Our automated software allows your sales agent to go into every call with the relevant details about the enquiry, ready to close the deal or help your customer. All of this within 30 seconds. See the speed for yourself. Try a demo of our product.

Speaking to your prospects at the peak of their interest will ensure the best conversion and cut out time wasted having to call back multiple times to get hold of them. TalkingForms is simple to set up and sits alongside your existing systems and processes. No login or training is required.

If you have multiple physical sites, TalkingForms also allows you to compare the performance of multiple sales people and branches. You can’t improve what you can’t measure.

TalkingForms is simple to install and use, requires no training and no login. Every call is recorded and easy to access. See our short Video explaining how TalkingForms works or try for yourself with our FREE 30 Day Trial.

Ensure every enquiry is called and tracked, so you never miss a lead again.

Browse our website to find out more about TalkingForms and the many ways it can help your business!

Do you make the most of your digital leads?