We make sure you never miss a lead again

We make sure you never miss a lead again

With lead times only getting longer and nationwide staff shortages, it’s easy for automotive dealerships to fall behind with their lead responses. Regardless of circumstances, failing to speak quickly to your potential customers will be bad for business and worse for your marketing ROI.

A strong lead management strategy will give you the edge over your competitors. Research and data shows that contacting leads fast and retaining data, can really make a difference. Here are some stats to show you what we mean;

– Conversion rates are nearly 4 times higher when companies make a call within a minute of receiving a lead. (Harvard Business Review)

– Car buyers who get a response within 10-minutes are 3 times more likely to visit the dealership. (Auto Remarketing)

– The average lead response time is 42 hours but it’s coming down as companies are starting to realise their leakage, could be linked to their lack of speed. (Harvard Business Review)

So how fast should you be? 24 hours? 1 hour?
How about 30 seconds?!

The longer a customer waits for you to respond, the higher chance of your competitors being called or swooping in. Whether it’s a stock enquiry, test drive, or service booking, your customers really want an instant response. Your speed of response make a big impression and can help you win their business.

That’s why we made TalkingForms

Our software helps you manage time better and get to important calls straight away. TalkingForms connects the prospect to your sales agent in under 30 seconds, providing them with all the relevant information to clinch the deal or answer a customer query.

Given the importance of response time, our unique product can help set you apart from competitors. A recent Forbes study showed 71% of internet leads are wasted because the business did not respond fast enough (Forbes). Don’t let that be your dealership!

If you have multiple physical sites, TalkingForms also allows you to compare the performance of multiple sales people and branches. You can’t improve what you can’t measure.

TalkingForms is simple to install and use, requires no training and no login. Every call is recorded and easy to access. See our short Video explaining how TalkingForms works or try for yourself with our FREE 30 Day Trial.

Ensure every enquiry is called and tracked, so you never miss a lead again.

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