Could Sales Linking be your missing link…

Could Sales Linking be your missing link…

Most people in the marketing or sales world will already know about Call Tracking, the software that tells you which channels and keywords make the phone ring, and which don’t. This simple data quickly allows you to find which marketing strategy works and optimise your ads accordingly.

That method can get you more calls, but, not all calls are the same.

One could be a customer asking whether you have a particular model in a different colour, the next call could be an amazing lead with no tough questions but then the last call is a complaint.

That’s one of the reasons we have call tracking software, to differentiate between the calls that actually make your business money, and those that don’t. That’s how to truly evaluate the cash return of your marketing and track your offline sales and transactions as well.

The way we do that is with Sales Linking!

Not only can you see what makes the phone ring, but which of those call actually led to SALES. This means you can optimise for profit and revenue, not just volume. Without this data you could even be making the wrong marketing decisions.

See our example;

Being able to see that extra step will make a huge difference to your marketing efforts.

Being able to see that extra step will make a huge difference to your marketing efforts. With Calltracks you can even click and see the customers who ended up purchasing, what they purchased (such as product group or description) and the revenue or profit made from the purchase.

Our detailed reporting can even determine the period of time period in which a sale has to be made to be attributed back to the phone call. For high value sales, such as cars, houses or agency services, you can pinpoint and track a single customer’s entire journey back through the sales process.

Through understanding what drives your customers to buy you can reverse engineer your marketing to see what makes the difference in driving your sales. Through predictive analytics you can then plan how to maximise your profitability going forward.

As with other phone call related data, Calltracks can integrate sales into Google Universal Analytics as well as many other 3rd party platforms, so you can analyse product purchases over the phone alongside other analytics reports. You need call tracking data to join your customers online journey to their phone calls.

Talk to us today to find out if Sales Linking could be the missing link of your business.