Integrating systems is essential to speed up processes and improve the customer experience and conversion. Call tracking data is an important addition to account data and analytics. Calltracks has already integrated with many popular platforms and tools, and will help you get set-up with your choice of systems. We want you to get even more from your call tracking data.


CRM Systems

With Sales Linking from Calltracks you can have CRM data integrated into your call analytics reports.  This allows you to enrich your reports including what type of leads you are getting, which phone calls convert into sales, and what the associated value is.

Calltracks can work with any CRM solution you may use, including mainstream products like Salesforce and Sugar CRM, through to fully bespoke systems. If you use multiple solutions, for example if you use separate software for accounting, it is also possible for Calltracks to integrate additional data sources into your reports.

If you want to pull data out of Calltracks data this is also possible using our API module. This allows you to select the exact phone call data you want and input it back into your system.


Google Ads

Google Ads call tracking allows you to report on your web visitors who have come from PPC and subsequently converted on your website via a phone call.

Phone call conversions can be integrated into your Google Ads reporting, to allow you to see phone calls from your website on top of calls from your click-to-call campaign extensions.

Alongside being able to report on your pay-per-click calls from the Ads interface you can also view these calls in your Calltracks interface and in your Google Analytics account.

By integrating Ads call tracking your phone call data will also compliment ‘online’ conversions (such as emails and form fills), so you get a complete overview of the performance you are getting from your Ads account.

Once you have gained a better understanding of what your spend is achieving you can make sure you don’t cut keywords that may actually be performing very well in driving calls direct from your website, even if they aren’t generating “click-to-call” extensions or form fills.

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Universal Analytics

Universal Analytics (UA) call tracking integration allows you to see phone calls and associated sales data in your analytics reports.

Now you can see how phone calls compliment ‘online’ conversions such as form fills, e-commerce transactions, and other custom events.

Alongside being able set-up phone calls as a ‘goal’, with your UA integration there is the added ability to integrate offline sales data generated from your phone calls, either from customers who purchase while on the phone, or for customers who later purchase – even if this is from a physical location. This data can be fed in automatically with no additional input or work from the call handler as the data comes straight from your CRM system(s).

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To find out exactly which companies and potential companies are visiting your website then you need Canddi.

Canddi shows you which companies visited your website, even if they haven’t enquired, allowing you to actually identify prospects that haven’t yet made contact with you.Alongside identifying visitors who haven’t enquired, Canddi can also track visitors who submit email enquiries, allowing you to segment your prospects more effectively and set-up alerts when particular segments re-visit your website.

However, if by by default someone visits your website and picks up the phone, Canddi cannot track these visitors.

If you are running Visitor Level Tracking from Calltracks it is possible to integrate your phone call data with Canddi to boost your lead tracking even further.

You will now be able to see companies that visited your website and picked up the phone, whereas before you may have assumed these companies exited without converting.

Similar to email enquires you can also set-up alerts to notify you when companies who have previously phoned you re-visit your website.

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Search Ads 360 is a google owned search management platform that helps agencies and marketers efficiently manage some of the largest search marketing campaigns in the world, across multiple engines and media channels.  It gives access to all of the power of Google Ads smart bidding, known as auction-time bidding.

While Google Ads is limited to the Google Search Network and its search partners, Search Ads 360 campaigns span multiple search engines. Being able to not only manage the campaigns across channels and engines but to also steer diverse campaign reports from a central interface, makes SA360 the more powerful tool.


Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Advertising is a service that provides pay per click advertising on the Bing, Yahoo!, and DuckDuckGo search engines.

While Microsoft doesn’t have the same large, diverse audience that Google has to offer, its audience tends to be older individuals with higher incomes. If your advertising campaign is looking to target mature customers with higher disposable income, you should consider using Microsoft Advertising


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