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Our call tracking data will really help teams across the whole business. Optimise marketing, improve CX, identify the quality leads, highlight missed, dropped or fumbled opportunities, accurately evaluate portals and partnerships, inform sales teams in real-time to optimise conversion, and more.

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Managing the marketing budget, ROI, and sales process will probably be high priorities for you.  That’s just where call tracking data will help.  We will show you what marketing channels deliver the leads, and which one’s drive your sales.   We will also help you pinpoint your best leads, understand what they want and alert you if any opportunities are lost, fumbled, or missed.  Over 50% of leads are fumbled or missed, and never put into the CRM so it’s a big problem.



How can you make sure the team are speaking to the best leads first, and do they have the information to manage the call for the best outcome?  Call tracking will help provide both by linking calls to the customers’ online journey.  Armed with this data you can pinpoint your in-market leads and see how to direct the call.  We will also help you recycle your lost, fumbled, and missed calls – currently over 50% of calls are either missed or fumbled.

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Customer success/contact centres

Customers demand fast, efficient, helpful, support.  Call tracking can provide real-time insights to your operators that tell them about the customers’ browsing data and links to your CRM.  So, your team are fully briefed when they get onto each call and, can quickly guide the conversation for a positive outcome.

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You need to know what marketing generates the sales and remove any roadblocks or obstacles in the sales process.   Call tracking from Calltracks will link your calls to sales, so you can track CPS (cost per sale) not CPL (cost per lead).  Leads alone can be a vanity metric and waste time and money.  Calls are recorded and high-quality call analytics are available. Call analytics are very exciting and will enable you to better manage the front line team and provide valuable customer sentiment.

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Tech providers

Talk to us about how we can work together to help our customers.   We are pleased to integrate our call tracking system with CRM and call centre systems, and other tech, to provide simpler and better customer solutions.   None of us can effectively do everything, so let’s work together and make life more efficient for our customers.


Digital agency

Data is everything.   As an agency you’ll need to be able to drive leads for customers but also want to see the customer journey through to the sale.  It is hard to do this unless you have access to call tracking data to remove the subjectivity and give you the facts.   Too many good leads get lost, missed, or fumbled which is not your fault if you are not handling the lead management.  Talk to us and let’s see how we can help.

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With over 50% of leads being lost, missed, or fumbled it’s important to pinpoint the quality leads and speak to them first – before anyone else can. Our call tracking data will help find the ready-to-buy customers and help you win the business.