Attribution Is Not The Biggest Business Issue

There are some quick and easy wins you should put in place before trying to find a solution to the very complex attribution puzzle.  I don’t want to disagree with a lot of very smart marketers but there are some simple, bigger and more fundamental problems that most dealers should fix first.

My solution may not be sexy but it will deliver you more sales without any increases in budget, manpower, or changes to your marketing.  

I’ll take a closer look at attribution in a minute but first let me tell you about the perfectly good, hot leads, being thrown away by your staff at the moment.  At Calltracks we can help you find them, and contact them in minutes.  The lost lead can be activated before it’s too late and the customer has gone elsewhere.

Back to basics!  Your customers contact you either by email, website enquiry form, live chat or by phone.  If a customer bothers to call they are very serious, but only 1:4 calls are being properly handled.  Half don’t get answered or followed up, and half of the remaining calls get a wrong or inadequate answer.  Customers are told things like ‘its sold’ when there are plenty of alternatives.  The result is that a massive 75% of the sales calls are simply being wasted.

Find your lost, missed, and fumbled calls

Calltracks have recently launched a solution that finds the lost calls (even the ones where a customer did not leave a message).  We don’t give you lots of call recordings to plough through but highlight the ones which we feel represent the biggest opportunities and pass them through to your teams in real-time – within minutes of the call coming in.

Our system passes the key information about the customer and the pages they visit on your website (and some other channels too).  It will include any voice message so the salesmen can quickly make the call-back with confidence.   We also track the call back if you want, so that there is no hiding place.

It’s just the latest addition to the Calltracks system.  We started over 14 years ago tracking which channels make the phone ring to help marketing teams understand where the customers are coming from and what channels generate the best ROI.  Our new products focus on what happens when the phones ring  –  helping you by pinpointing all those lost, dropped or fumbled calls.  We also provide customer history to your operators and inbound and outbound recordings.  All this does deliver extra sales NOW. Calltracks work with operations teams and marketing to give our clients the full picture.

Let’s get back to attribution now.  Attribution is a fundamental challenge for marketers and one that most would love to solve.  Everyone would love to know ‘is my marketing working?’  It is a hot topic and I know some smart guys in the automotive have some great solutions in place already.

Google have been really busy developing products to help resolve the attribution puzzle.  A really good place to start is to look at ‘assisted clicks’ within Google Analytics under ‘conversions’ and ‘Multi-channel Funnels’.

The assisted conversions are the interactions that a customer has with a website leading up to a conversion.   As an example, a visitor may come into your site via paid search initially but come back via an organic search or just directly into your website. The data is really interesting as you can see how the different channels have an influence – organic, display, email, social, web form, car valuation phone call etc.  You can see which ones start the buying process and which closes the sale.

Check out this video by Google that showcases the reports.

Take a look and I hope you are inspired.

Give one of our team a call if you have any questions or need a hand with how to approach the set-up for assisted conversions.  Analytics is constantly evolving and is getting even more interesting.