The Call Chasm

The Call Chasm

Did you know your ready-to-buy customers are falling into a massive chasm never to be seen again?

Most businesses, whether through an agency or internally, will market their product or service online. Software managing web-enquiries or online leads is commonplace in all those businesses and allow for a robust process to ensure all the enquiries will be logged and followed-up.

Does that technology exist for phone enquiries? YES, that’s what we do at Calltracks.
Do enough businesses utilise call tracking software to avoid losing leads to the chasm? NO!

Why calls?

Given that 48% of people find it extremely important to be able to call a business during the purchase phase, it’s likely that phone will ring. Without call tracking software, calls have to be manually entered into the CRM and businesses could lose half of those leads, or even more.

Years ago, your customers would phone at the start of their buying journey and ask for a brochure or other information. Now they call at the end of the journey with a little question, almost sure they know what they want.

With today’s unrivalled access to information, reviews, alternatives, direct competitors, for online purchases consumers spend an average of 79 days gathering information before making a major purchase. Even for in-store purchases, 81% of consumers go online to conduct research before heading out to any physical store and this % is going up every year.

The Call Chasm


Best response wins…

We humans are extremely fickle though and despite months of browsing webpages and painstakingly watching youtube reviews, we are likely to start the whole process again if our first point of contact with the business isn’t a good customer experience. This is only heightened for big purchases. We want to trust the business we are spending large sums of money with, and that starts from the moment we make an enquiry, whether online or on the phone.

Speed and accuracy are vital. Most customers expect a call back within a few minutes. 85% will not call again so there is just one chance to get it right. One industry where this is particularly an issue is Automotive, where up to 75% of sales calls into dealerships are not dealt with properly and fall into the chasm.

The Solution

Call tracking from software like Calltracks will help pick up the lost, fumbled and missed calls. We can identify what page of the website a customer is viewing when they call. If it’s a short call (or missed call) when they were looking at the £40,000 new car it might be worth calling them back very quickly.

Better call routing can help to carefully monitor all calls and allow you to better track the call’s journey, especially helpful in larger companies with various departments, each with their own extension.

The hardest part of the marketing journey is getting a customer to call in the first place. Designing the perfect graphics, putting together an amazing video or even meticulously refining your copy. Don’t waste the effort and money by letting that call fall into the chasm.

Contact us today and to learn about our solutions and start the process of reviving those important new customers from the chasm.