Customisable Dashboards

See the information you want, in the way you want it.

See the information you want, in the way you want it.

Having listened to your feedback, a highly requested feature we are pleased to announce is the ability for different users to customise their homepage layout.

Although you already have the ability to run your own reports, and automatically export data through scheduled emails, this enhances your Calltracks interface further by allowing you to add widgets to your homepage.

To help get you started quickly we have built some templates that can be added by accessing More Reports under the Reports tab. Here you’ll find a comprehensive list detailing what each report offers, all relevant to your Calltracks subscription.

One of our favourite additions is the Calls per medium trend, which allows you to easily see how different channels, for example your paid traffic vs organic traffic, are performing over a period of time.

Easily see how different channels are performing over a period of time

Alternatively you can generate your own dashboard widgets straight from the Performance Report. All you have to do is set your filters, select what data you want to see (one “Group by” level), and save the report. Once you have followed these steps the report will be available to add as a widget on your homepage.

Widgets that have been added to your homepage can be edited or removed at any time, simply select the pencil icon or ‘x’ from the top right of the widget.

If you have admin access for your account you can also help create a dashboard for other users by switching to their account. Furthermore if there is a particular set of data or type of report you want to see and are unable to find it under More Reports or can’t create it in your Performance Report please get in touch and we can help build this for you.

To enable your Customisable Dashboard please get in touch with a member of our support team.