What is call tracking and why you need it?

We all do online research before making a purchase but for more valuable items we also want to speak to the business on the phone. If your business receives calls from customers you probably need call tracking. Web analytics software will not track your phone calls and you really need a complete view of your customer data to make the best marketing decisions.

With real-time call tracking from Calltracks, you are able to see the digital interactions that make the phone ring – and more importantly which ones generate sales. Armed with this information you can reduce marketing spend on the areas that don’t convert and more importantly, increase spend in the areas that do generate the sales.

What is Call Tracking?
Calls are not integral in every business but if you speak to your customers on the phone, you will benefit from call tracking. Call tracking data will enable you to pinpoint which ads, pages and keywords drove the sales call, and more importantly which ones create the sale.

Using visitor level call tracking lets you to see which pages the customer was looking at and which page they were on when they called. This will enable you to identify your ready to buy customers. Call recording is also included so it not only helps for training and legal purposes, but enables you to quickly find and review the calls from your best leads.

What is call tracking and why you need it?

Why do you need Call Tracking?
If you could pinpoint your best leads, easily recycle your missed phone leads, and get more sales out of your advertising budget, surely you would be interested? Calltracks will enable you to do all those things. We help build the full customer journey, identify your most influential marketing elements, and pinpoint your best leads. That means you can focus on converting your best leads that are ready to buy, and adjust marketing to achieve a better ROI.

Single out your ready-to-buy leads
With call tracking dynamic number insertion (DNI) a unique phone number is given to a customer session. This enables you to build the complete user journey and identify where each lead is in their buying journey. With the complete analytics and call tracking data you can identify your most valuable leads and speak to them first. Before your competitors get a chance.

Try Calltracks
Our software is easy to set up and you can build the reports you want or take data straight into your data warehouse. At Calltracks we work closely with customers to ensure you get what you need. Give us a call on 020 3199 3740 and we can tell you more!