Create Google Analytics Events for Offline Media

Feed calls from your offline media and adverts into your Google Analytics account.

For Calltracks customers already running visitor level tracking (dynamic numbers) and Google Universal Analytics integration, you will already have a feature enabling you to feed in phone calls from your website as Events. These events can also be set-up as a Goal to track alongside other conversion metrics such as form-fills.

We are now releasing a new bolt-on feature that will also allow you to feed in phone calls from your offline campaigns and adverts as events. This means any of your tracking numbers can feed to your Google Analytics event reports and also set-up as a Goal.

Create Google Analytics Events for Offline Media

When feeding in these static number callbacks as events to your Universal Analytics account you can either use our standard naming convention:

Event Category = Offline Contact
Event Action = Phone Call
Event Label = {Campaign name} or {Advert name}
Event Value = {Call Duration in seconds}

Alternatively, you have an option to fully customise all of the above to suit your reporting needs.

Potentially useful examples of where a static number callback can offer enhanced analytics reporting is:

1) Google Ads click-to-call extensions
This will allow you to track all of your pay-per-click conversions in your Analytics account by enabling you to also feed visitors that don’t click through to your website and instead call directly from viewing the advert in the Search Engine Results Pages

2) Email Campaigns
Similar to Ads above, you an now also track customers who call directly from an email as well as customers that click a link through to your website and subsequently convert.

3) Outbound Calling Campaigns
If you are using Calltracks outbound call tracking & prospecting you can track all calls from specific outbound prospecting campaigns

If you would like to add this bolt on to your Calltracks subscription, or find out more info about feeding callbacks into Google Analytics or other platforms, please speak to a member of our account support team or contact them using the “Help” button from your Calltracks interface.