Call Tracking is just as important for small business…

Call Tracking is just as important for small business…

With business’ digital expansion seemingly never-ending, and the ability to do most of your retail shopping online, it can sometimes be easy to forget about your phone. However the majority of sales and leads, especially in key sectors, are acquired through calls.

Knowing where each lead comes from, how much it costs and how qualified it is, can be the difference between making a good ROI on your marketing budget and shooting blindly in the dark. So for sectors like financial technology, automotive, hospitality, travel and healthcare, intelligent call tracking tools provide necessary insights of an ad’s impact.

Call tracking is not just for huge companies that process millions of calls, it is now accessible for smaller businesses and can help them just as well. Need convincing? Here are some benefits of call tracking for SME’s;

Call Recording
At its most basic function, call tracking software records a log of all your business calls. This can help you predict peak hours and schedule staff appropriately to handle any influx of calls. For small businesses this simple data can help save money. Call recordings can also be recorded for training purposes. Analysing a salesperson or customer service rep’s performance on a call can help find problems and aid in the training process.

Dynamic Numbers
For smaller, growing businesses using different social channels to advertise seems like a necessity but it is important to know where each call comes from. Unlike a click or a like which is easily attributed to an ad, calls can easily get lost and unattributed. However, with dynamic numbers, assigning unique phone numbers to specific platforms, you can make quick comparisons between the likes on Twitter and LinkedIn ads. This helps managers decide the most effective channels to spend their advertising budget on.

Target Audience
Not only can you compare different platforms, call tracking data also allows you to compare the performance of different ad styles, copy and even target audiences. Hone in on your marketing campaigns and make them more efficient with call tracking. The perfect way for small businesses to find their ideal audience.

It is important to keep searching for the best ways to manage and control customer communications.

It is important to keep searching for the best ways to manage and control customer communications. The best place to start is to plug the gaps between the online and offline customer journey by managing your phone calls far better. Central databases and a clear understanding of the customer journey is vital, along with some brand personality and values.

At Calltracks we have developed solutions to improve the impact of your online marketing investment and to stop all those lost, fumbled or missed calls.

Data from Calltracks can help you boost sales without increasing your marketing spend and takes very little time to implement. If your small business is not measuring phone call enquiries, you are only getting part of the story. Calltracks can show you the full picture. Let’s talk!