Making the Most Out of Your Leads

Making the Most Out of Your Leads

Our potential customers are not feeling as confident and bullish as they were last year. The post-pandemic world is not as rosy as we all hoped. The economy is shifting direction and costs are rising, all with a background of political mystery and a worrying war not too away. No surprise that there are fewer buyers about, it is understandable that we want to keep money in our pockets as it looks like it’s going to rain. The good news is that the buyers out there are really serious, but they now expect really great service.

It might have been possible to get away with some bad habits and sloppy processes when there were multiple buyers chasing products that were in short supply. Things are changing and this year will be more challenging. There is a real need to get back the good old practices that ensure that all leads are tracked properly and that all customers get the fast service they really want.

Making the most of it
As the volume of leads decreases, the value of each one increases. Focus needs to be switched to ensure every lead gets a first class customer experience. ‘Not being able to speak to a real person’ and ‘waiting too long for a reply’, are two of the most frequent customer service complaints so you need to make sure you are getting back to every lead and enquiry you get, fast.

That’s why we made TalkingForms
TalkingForms helps you provide first-class customer service by connecting a call between you and a customer within 30-seconds of them completing an enquiry. TalkingForms will help you get back to basics ensuring no leads slip through the net. Our software helps increase your sales conversion and will elevate your customer service reputation. Who doesn’t want to impress customers?

If you won’t, someone else will
Competitors are everywhere and if you aren’t responding to your lead, you can assume someone else is. If you were about to spend tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds, would you give your business to the company that calls you back instantly to discuss your needs, or the one that takes 42 hours to reply?

Get your team speaking to your customers fast, with TalkingForms.
TalkingForms will really make the difference. We simply sit alongside your existing systems and processes and there is no login or training required. Every call is recorded and easy to access. Why not try for yourself with our FREE 30 Day Trial.

Get in touch if you have any questions, would like a demo or to discuss your existing processes.

Making the Most Out of Your Leads