Google Ads Call Extensions

Google Ads call extensions are an excellent way to encourage search users to ring your business and convert. According to research conducted by Google, 70% of users click on call extensions directly to ring up businesses using the click-to-call function.

This guide will take you through what call extensions are, why they’re important to PPC, how to set them up, and when to use them.

What Are Call Extensions?

So, what are call extensions? You’ll almost certainly have seen Google Ads call extensions before when browsing the search engine. They’re a type of ad extension that allows businesses to include their phone numbers on paid listings.

Google Ads Call Extensions

When your paid ads appear for a mobile user’s search, Google allows them to call your business simply by tapping on the number. For businesses that don’t benefit from call tracking software, call extensions also allow them to measure how many people ring up using the click-to-call function.

You’ll only be charged each time a user clicks to call and the cost is the same as your bid. Whilst phone number won’t be displayed every time that your ad features, you can adjust your call bid to increase the frequency with which your call extensions are displayed.

Why Are Call Extensions Important in PPC?

Particularly for firms that aim to generate leads online, phone calls are a very important conversion goal that can be used to judge the success of a PPC campaign. As such, Google Ads call extensions are important to companies that run paid search ads for several reasons.

Firstly, adding a business number to a paid listing will increase its impact by enabling users to convert in a quick and easy fashion. This is especially true for mobile search users who can be in conversation with a business through a single tap!

Secondly, call extensions allow you to measure the number of times that users call your business from your paid listing. Adding them to your listings can therefore help you to measure the effectiveness of your PPC efforts.

There are other benefits to adding call extensions to your ads. Having your business phone number on your listings means that they’ll take up more space in results pages. In addition, call extensions can significantly increase click-through rates.

How Do You Set up Call Extensions?

Setting up call extensions in Google Ads is now easier than ever. When you create a paid listing, you’ll be asked to provide your business phone number via the interface below. To set up call extensions for the listing your creating, simply add your phone number and press continue!

Google Ads Call Extensions

When to Use Call Extensions

If calls are one of the main ways that your company generates leads, then Google Ads call extensions are a great way to increase the number of calls you receive as a business. Given that the cost per call is the same as your cost per click, this is a cost-effective way of bringing in more calls.

Call extensions are also important if you’re running local campaigns, which are often discovered by mobile users who are on the go. Users are more likely to choose your company over others in this situation – a Google report found that nearly half of users said that they would look for another brand if a company didn’t include their phone number in the listing.