Calltracks Academy: Lesson 3

Calltracks Academy:  Lesson 3.  Not all call tracking does these 5 things.

1                Show which channels and keywords bring in the money (not leads but sales).

2                Help you convert more web traffic into phone calls.

3                Increase phone call impact by instantly putting customers and operators on the same page.

4                Track and record all calls, and make sure the most valuable calls get dealt with quickly.

5                Spot the missed leads, and turn them into extra sales – before its too late.

Focus on sales, not leads

Sadly, not all call tracking systems are equal. We all might have similar aspirations but some systems are glossy, some are inflexible, some are a jack-of-all-trades, some are not interested after the sale, and some are partners for life. We believe that all advertisers will get much more from their ‘investment’ if they have a call tracking partner but the key is to find the best match.

At Calltracks we focus on the two stages of the sales journey.  Firstly for marketing, to focus on what gives the best ROI. To track and identify which interactions in the customer journey are most influential and which series of actions ultimately lead to the sale (google estimate there are over 900 digital touchpoints in the car buying journey over 3 months – so it’s pretty complex). If marketing has great data, they can make great decisions, and as a result, squeeze much more value out of the marketing budget. Decisions based upon fact, not guesswork, are much more likely to make a difference on ROI.

We also believe that a lot can go wrong after the customer calls a business. Here we work with sales and operations and have developed a number of tools including alerts, training, information, prompts and reporting to ensure that the valuable sales calls get handled properly. Only 1 in 4 calls on average are handled properly so it’s a big issue and sadly many companies miss all the lost, fumbled and missed calls. None of what we do is magic, but the results can be like alchemy.

We like to become a partner for life with customers and deliver what they need to improve conversion and grow more sales. It is a constant programme of improvement and we like clients to challenge us for training, guidance, and ask for the impossible.

Calltracks are passionate about call tracking. We really know what companies need to improve conversion and grow sales. Speak to us and we’ll tell you how call tracking can benefit your bespoke business.