How Does Call Tracking Work?

Call tracking is the process of measuring the success of marketing efforts on lead generation and sales performance.

If a business is outside basic ecommerce and online form conversions, it can be difficult to track which marketing methods are generating the best ROI.

It’s easy to track visitors to your website, with digital analytics we can identify organic visits, page views and goal conversions; it’s far less easy to track if they then pick up the phone straight away, which is probably the closest interaction in the sales process before the point of sale. You most likely have your business telephone number on your website, your business cards, your social media pages, in Google Ad words and any form of printed material you have done – so which one generated the lead?

This is where call tracking comes into effect

. By creating and assigning a different telephone number for each campaign you can track how many calls you receive, and ultimately, how successful that method of marketing is, and with 64% of website visitors completing their purchase offline – it drives home how critical the simple telephone still is!

For example, you could have 3 campaigns all running alongside each other:

  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Sponsoring a local B2B exhibition
  • Distributing leaflets

By installing call tracking software, you are able to compare the inbound enquiry from each campaign and see which one is giving you a better ROI and generating conversions, and which ones are costing money with minimal return, enabling you to reduce spending, or at least direct it to a more productive revenue stream.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

As well as providing valuable insights into a business’s marketing and sales departments, call tracking allows you to venture into the realms of the customer service that your business is delivering. By recording the incoming calls, you are able to listen in and identify any areas requiring training that staff may be lacking in. Businesses have also used call tracking to aid them when profiling their staff too, monitoring peak times in the business allows them to tweak staffing levels and operating hours.

You will be able to log in and see real time results, giving you access to both the quantitative and qualitative data through custom reports. It is possible to integrate CRM data into call tracking software and your web analytics, ultimately providing a complete view of the customer funnel. Track your marketing efforts from the beginning of the journey until the sale (hopefully!) closes. When integrated into digital analytics, you can also track phone calls alongside other conversion points such as form submissions and live chat.

The humble telephone is coming back into fashion again as people realise, while digital is great, telephone conversations are still just as important in business. Data collected from call tracking can be a driving force behind a business’s success and give you the competitive edge.