Click-to-Call. The Unsung Call-to-Action

Click-to-Call. The Unsung Call-to-Action

What’s Click-to-Call?

At it’s most simple, click-to-call is exactly what it says on the tin, a clickable button on a website, or as the call-to-action of a paid/organic ad. Click-to-call is one of the most effective calls-to-action you can use and we want to explain why;

The first and most crucial point… it’s what people want!

Google’s research found that 52% of mobile searchers find ‘the call button’ useful so if a potential customer is browsing the products or services from your business on their phone, chances are they will want to use “Click-to-Call”.

In this day and age, people are constantly on their phones and, unlike the past, want and require almost instant responses from the businesses they deal with. Especially with higher ticket items, like cars, property and B2B services, the chances of enquirers having questions is high, and the chances they’ll want to ask them to a human, as soon as possible, is even higher.

48% of people find it extremely important to be able to call business during purchase phase so why make it hard for them when it is also an opportunity for you to sell?

If you have a dedicated call handling agent or sales person who can answer a phone they should be able to do a better job of overcoming objections, up-selling and cross-selling to customers than a website, or ad, on its own.

By incorporating different codes into the various pages on your site, you can direct calls to different departments of your company to ensure the customer speaks the ideal person every time. With the amount of competition in most industries, customer service is one way to stand out and this is a great way of doing it.

So, is it effective?

Let’s look at the stats from Call Intelligence Index…

– Click-to-call rates are 400% better than online conversion rates.
– Across every industry, the average conversion rate of a click-driven call is between 5% and 25%.
– In 2015, click-to-call commerce generated more than $1 trillion in US sales. In 2019, this number doubled.

Furthermore, according to Forrester Research, click-to-call functionality increases ROI by an average of 143%.

The short answer is yes. It is effective and in our opinion, the unsung call-to-action!

How to make the most of Click-to-Call

How to make the most of Click-to-Call

If you are running visitor level tracking from Calltracks on your website, you can combine it with click-to-call functionality to track from click through to sale!

Not only does this provide your customers with a better user experience but also gives you a huge amount of data such as;

– how many calls you get
– where the visitors came (e.g. Paid vs Organic)
– what page the user was on when they made the phone call
– whether the caller was a new lead or returning customer
– and most importantly if a sale was made, including what the caller purchased and transaction value – even if the sale happens after the phone call such as in-store

These data points can help you refine your marketing strategy and improve your ROI. Other features such as call-recording can help you improve the customer service experience and train your sales team.

Newer features such as voice analytics and AI are being incorporated to gather even more data, such as valuable phrases, buying intent and full transcripts of calls.

There’s so much more but you’re already on our website, so have a look around and learn even more about the capabilities of call tracking and how it can be incorporated into your business.