Calltracks Academy: Lesson 4

Calltracks Academy: Lesson 4.  Look into the chasm for more ready-to-buy customers.

Your ready-to-buy customers are falling into a massive chasm and they can disappear forever without a trace.

Stuart and the team have been speaking recently about a big issue we call ’24 hours before CRM’. All good dealers have a robust process to manage all their web enquiries and, as a result, all the enquiries will be logged and followed-up. All of the enquiry forms or chat sessions will be very carefully managed and processed.

There is often no process for all the phone calls before they get added onto the CRM.  This means that you do not know how many ready-to-buy customers are lost in that 24 hour period before a new enquiry is added to your CRM.  It could easily be half of your calls – even more.

Customers prefer to speak to someone on the phone when they are at a critical stage in the buying process. Years ago, your customers would phone at the start of their buying journey and ask for a brochure or other information. Now they call at the end of the journey with a little question.

At the point, they pick up the phone they have spent a couple of months researching and are pretty sure they know what they want. They are also pretty sure you have it – but want to ask you a question before they go ahead and complete the purchase.   Despite feeling worn-out and keen to get their new car, they will start their whole search again if you don’t speak to them very quickly.

Speed and accuracy are vital. Most customers expect a call back within a few minutes. 85% will not call again so there is just one chance to get it right.  Up to 75% of sales calls into dealerships are not dealt with properly and will just fall into the chasm.

Call tracking will help pick up the lost, fumbled and missed calls. We can identify what page of the website a customer is viewing when they call. If it’s a short call (or missed call) when they were looking at the £40,000 new car it might be worth calling them back very quickly. Better call routing can help but it to critical to carefully monitor all the calls and check what happens to them, not just the ones in your CRM.

You have done all the hard work to get the customer to call (well your marketing and website did).  Don’t waste the effort and money. Start by looking at what calls go where in your business and pull together some real data to see the size of the problem.   Don’t rely on a missed calls report. Dig much deeper to see what has been lost in the chasm and give those calls the attention they deserve.

Contact us today and let us tell you more about our solutions to help you find whilst reviving those important new customers in the chasm.