Never miss a lead again with TalkingForms

You can now talk to your customers, within seconds of them filling in an enquiry form, and while they are still on your website. Potentially increase sales by 25% by speaking to them while they are still focused on your goods and services. Impress your prospects and let them know that you want their business.

How do we do it?

We instantly turn web enquiries into a phone call.


Consider the facts

Slow response is not an option. Web leads can become dead leads if not handled quickly. The odds of calling to contact a lead decrease by over 10 times in the first hour alone (source:


Web enquiries take on average 42 hours to get a reply. (source: Harvard Business Review)


Only 25% of leads receive an accurate response. 25% get an inaccurate response, and 50% get no response at all.


Phone calls convert better than web leads. We are human, and we want to talk to a person we can trust.


63% of businesses say generating sales leads is their biggest challenge. (source: Hubspot)

Hot leads get burnt every day.

Too many sales organisations fail on the simple things. The marketing team will generate leads who are ready-to-buy, but nobody in sales is free to email or speak to them. The leads get wasted and end up on a post-it note hidden in a desk or, buried in a CRM system. The customer goes elsewhere.

TalkingForms fix that by instantly connecting the customer to your sales team. Not in an hour, tomorrow, or the day after, but right now while your customer is in the buying mindset.

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Our Programs

We like to work with like-minded companies and help solve their business problems. TalkingForms can cure a lot of headaches like sales conversion and generate much better visibility and transparency.


Partner Program

We can help provide proof of concept, additional revenue, and innovation, without the need for any development resources. TalkingForms will help you do your job better, simpler, and quicker, and get the credit you deserve.

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Affiliate Program

Introduce TalkingForms to customers and they will love you even more. We can provide proof of concept, additional revenue streams, and innovation for our partners. No need for any development resources, and you get a reward too.

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