Calltracks Academy: Lesson 1

Calltracks Academy:  Lesson 1

How to stop wasting marketing budget and stop throwing away good sales leads.

Calltracks Academy: Lesson 1

Welcome to the first Lesson from the Calltracks Academy team.  This blog will act as an introduction and there will be a white paper coming soon to give you more information and help you put your own action plan together.  This lesson is a simple introduction to the whole world of call tracking.  So, let’s get going and look at how to stop wasting marketing budget and stop throwing away those good sales leads.

Call tracking is really important

The amount of money and effort being wasted at the moment is frightening.  So, yes, it’s a very big deal. The good news is that can be addressed quite simply.  It is not rocket science but you need some good data and a willing team to improve things.

Let’s try to put some numbers around what is potentially being wasted.

If you currently spend £1,000 on digital marketing (PPC, SEO, and classified portals etc) and generate say 100 leads each month.  We know that only 50% of the enquiries coming-in to the business are being answered – so that’s £500 thrown away already.  Now, only half the answered calls are given an adequate or accurate reply (how many times are prospects told ‘its sold’ when there are 4 more similar cars in group stock?) so that’s another £250 wasted.  In total ¾ of the leads are currently being wasted, or in other words £750 out of every £1,000 investment.  The real number could even be bigger, so yes.  It’s a big deal.  It may never be perfect but there is room for big improvement.

Advertising and Operations

While operations are wasting some of the leads coming into the business, your marketing team can invest the budget better and focus on results.  Analytics data is great but it does not give the full picture.

With Calltracks you can see what media is making your phones ring.  Is it the SEO (keyword level), PPC, press adverts, social, or anything else.  No customer uses just one channel but with Calltracks you can see what turns a browser into a buyer.  At the moment many media owners’ present complex data to ‘prove’ the effectiveness of their channel.  No surprise but they want to keep the money you spend with them and increase it if they can.  With Calltracks it removes all the guesswork (or hope) and our data makes fee negotiations simple, because they are based upon fact, not fiction.

Let’s assume your business converts 20% of all inquiries.  That means if you convert just 2% more from the existing spend your bottom line increases by 10%.  That is a huge number for just a small increase.

The Complete Picture

At Calltracks we can help track and improve both sides of the sales process.  Reduce your acquisition costs (and improve the ROI of your digital marketing) and then improve conversion of those customers that pick up the phone and try to speak to you.

The phone tracking system records all inbound calls (and outbound call tracking is also available) but do you have time to sit down and listen to hundreds or thousands of hours of phone calls?  Life is too short!  The Calltracks systems can help in many ways.  Either providing operators with real time customer history and link to the page the customer is looking at.   This enables the operator to move onto a sales process quickly and efficiently.

No Fumbled, Lost or Missed Calls

The magical last piece of the jigsaw is being able to identify the lost, fumbled or missed calls before it’s too late.  We can set the system to focus on potential new, used and service bookings.  We will pinpoint the real opportunities and send an alert to your sales manager instantly.  We can also track any outbound follow-up calls so that these important opportunities are not missed again.  If they are, we help you see where the problems are.

Working with Clients

At Calltracks we do a lot of the work to get things integrated and live.   We work with your team and you have an account manager to deal with any issues if they occur.

Call tracking is designed to help you get the best return out of your current digital investment.  Only Calltracks provide a complete bespoke service developed for the automotive industry.

Please speak to our team now.  One the phone of course 020 3199 9133.

If you would like the white paper version of Lesson 1 please email me and I’ll send you a copy.  The white paper will go into a lot more detail for you.