Generating Enough Leads Should not be a Headache

Most sales organisations worry about generating enough leads especially when there is uncertainty and reduced consumer confidence. A recent poll showed that 63% of businesses are worried because generating traffic and leads is their biggest marketing challenge.

Nearly 5% of companies use web forms for lead generation and the majority of all leads may come from these forms. More than twice as many conversions are generated from just half the number of phone enquiries. The phone beats web enquiries 4:1 and that is without the impact of TalkingForms.

Now take it to the next level. If only you could guarantee to speak to every one of those web leads on the phone. Maybe you really don’t need more leads BUT to generate more sales from the leads you already have?

That’s where TalkingForms will really help. We just turn your web leads into phone calls by instantly connecting your sales team to the customer. It means you are guaranteed to speak to all your leads just at the time they make their inquiry. You will impress them and convert them too.