Time for Predictions – 5 Ways of Winning with Call Tracking

It’s that time of year again. The soothsayers will be looking into their crystal balls and the naysayers will be spreading their clouds of gloom.  Whether you have a forecaster, medium, psychic, palm reader or Jedi master, you will be using your best predictions to make your plans, budgets and forecasts for the year ahead.

Do you use your best intuition or facts to help you?  Business are too complex to make important plans and decisions based upon gut-feelings. Let us take you on a special journey away from the dark side of guesswork and share our magic with you. It is Christmas after all!

Our Magic.
Our magic is Call Tracking and while we love Santa Claus, we believe in using facts rather than gut-feelings to guide important business decisions. We have spent more than 10 years unearthing important facts so that our clients can make their decisions with confidence.  An informed decision is always the best decision.

While what we do is called call tracking it does cover a whole lot more than you may think.   We started as an enhancement to analytics. While Google Analytics can tell you where your leads come from it does not tell which online interactions led to the sale. At Calltracks we help marketing receive more value out of their online investment by tracking the user journeys and seeing what initiatives drive the sale.  After all, it is far more important to track sales than enquiries. Some channels may generate a lot of leads that never convert. Using Calltracks you can save a lot of time, money and effort by removing these things.

More recently we have focussed on the operational side of the user journey. What happens when a buy-to-ready picks-up the phone to your business? Sadly, it is too often a bad experience and most of these customers end up in ‘the chasm’. The big deep dark hole where their call is un-answered and they are not called back.

Five Ways of Winning.
Let us share 5 ways that Calltracks and call tracking can help your business in the year ahead.

1.  ROI – back the winners, not the losers.
You may not need to increase your marketing spend to increase sales. Call tracking can help to gain more value from your online and offline marketing. We highlight what works (and does not) so you can do more of the good things and drive further hot leads to the business. We then work hard to pinpoint the hot buyers who call you but would otherwise get lost in the chasm. Do the maths. What does a 10, or 20 percent increase in leads and sales look like for your business? It looks good, right?

2. Smarter customer conversations.
We help your team instantly connect with customers on the phone. We communicate with the operator what page of your website the customer is looking at and what pages they have viewed. This stops wasting any time and ensures that the salesmen can structure the call for the best possible outcome. We can also search for the caller in the CRM or DMS so the operator can confidently have all the facts at hand.

3. Optimise marketing campaigns.
See exactly which keywords and channels (including offline) are effectively making the sales. Switch money into the channels driving the profit and away from the channels just keeping people busy. Attribution is really important but too many systems rely on assumptions, not facts. The data we generate also helps to identify any roadblocks or issues with your website user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

4. No more lost, fumbled or missed calls.
Only 1 in 4 sales calls are answered adequately. Too many calls are mishandled or lost forever.  We are able to pinpoint and help you revive those calls before the customer has a chance to go elsewhere. Time is critical. It should be noted that calls left over an hour are less likely to convert. We recycle opportunities in real-time. We also have inbound and outbound call recording so can also actively help with training. Most customers will want to call you before making any commitment so it’s important you are prepared.

5. Simple integration and great data.
We make it simple to integrate Calltracks with your other dealer systems. We can feed our reliable information directly into your systems so that your staff have exactly what they need but do not need to search for it.  For example, we have one-click real-time alerts to revive any dropped leads. Our customised client dashboard keeps all the data in one place so that anyone can dig even deeper if they want.

Data – get the facts!
We work closely with our clients to deliver exactly what they need for their business and help cut out the guess-work, and decisions made on gut-feelings.

Get in touch with the team to find out more about the benefits of call tracking and how we can help you understand where your calls are coming from.