Add the phone calls to your lead tracking

Your customers will pick up the phone to speak to you at the critical stages in their sales journey. Call-tracking data will enable you to match those vital phone calls to your customers’ online journey, so you see the full picture. Armed with this information you can identify your quality leads and make sure you speak to them first. With Calltracks you will also see how each of you marketing channels perform, and which ones deliver the buyers.

While companies say their marketing focus is on lead generation, many are wasting a lot of effort and money. Less than 50% of the leads generated get followed-up properly and too many of the quality leads never receive a call-back or anything else. The end result is that lots of the quality leads are being lost, fumbled, or missed. Many more never get tracked or put into the CRM. They are lost forever, never counted, and never contacted.

Call tracking data will let you see how each of your marketing channels perform, match phone calls to your customers' online journeys, improve CX by providing real-time data enabling you to speak to your best prospects at the right time knowing what they want and need

Calltracks will help you improve ROI by helping you convert your quality leads first.

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Find your quality leads, speak to them fast

One of the benefits of call tracking is that you can match your leads online searches to their calls. This data will pinpoint your quality leads so you can speak to them first.

Your in-market leads demand a fast and accurate response. They really want to speak to someone now or, they will just go to your competitors. Research shows that leads contacted in less than 5 minutes are 21 times more likely to get qualified than those contacted in 30 minutes.

A Forbes Study recently showed that 71% of internet leads were wasted because the business did not respond fast enough! The average response time is 42 hours so there is a lot of room for improvement.

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Lost,missed, and fumbled.

Recycle your lost, fumbled, and missed leads

Up to 50% of leads are not entered into the CRM or any tracking system. It means you might have lots of great leads that never get a chance to speak to your sales team and complete a purchase. Call tracking for business will make a difference. Calltracks will alert you when your quality leads are not called back, or calls do not go to plan.   A simple solution to a big problem that can increase conversion, improve customer service, and highlight any weaknesses in your current systems.

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Link sales to calls

Call tracking will enable you to connect your customer calls to their online journey, and link every sale to each customers’ call.  Our Sales Linking Service will make sure you get the complete picture covering online and on the phone.  The data will automatically be set up in your analytics page so you can compare it to your other conversion points.  You will be able to see which channels, campaigns, and partners deliver the leads, and more importantly which ones bring in the sales.

Call tracking numbers provide many really valuable insights from marketing ROI to linking sales to calls.

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Clients, partners, and case studies

We work with many successful and demanding clients and continually strive to help them grow.  Please take a look at some of our call tracking case studies and testimonials from clients in the automotive, travel, and finance sectors.  We also work in many other business sectors and with agencies.  Call tracking technology does a lot more than track calls! Read more about Our Clients or please give us a call and we will tell you more about how we work and the problems we solve.
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Working from home

You have to make it quick and easy for your staff to speak to customers if they are working from home, but also make it feel as if they are in the office.  Our call tracking engine will manage call routing. We can automatically route calls to your home workers, and hide your home callers phone numbers so it looks like your office is calling customers or speaking to them.  We will also manage outgoing calls and provide call recordings along with alerts if calls are missed.
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International call tracking

International call tracking across over 70 countries worldwide from Calltracks. It means we can help you if you are running multi-territory marketing or campaigns for global brands that generate calls in different countries.  Our static number or dynamic visitor level tracking will help you review and optimise your campaigns, and compare results.   Read more about our International call tracking or talk to one of our team.

Consider the benefits of call tracking

If your customers call you to make an enquiry or make a sale, you need call tracking data to get the full picture for marketing, sales, and operations. Analytics alone are not enough, with call tracking you can match the online activity to your phone calls and see the complete customer journeys.

Optimise marketing  icon

Optimise marketing

See which keywords and channels (including offline) deliver the sales. Adjust budgets to do more of the things that convert.

Make the tough decisions icon

Make the tough decisions

Get the insights and facts you need to make the tough business decisions about processes, channels, and partners.

Improve CX and increase conversion icon

Improve CX and increase conversion

Remove obstacles from your website that block conversion. Give insights to your sales team of what each customer needs to optimise all call outcomes.

What happens when your phones ring? icon

What happens when your phones ring?

65% of buyers choose the phone not forms or chat. Only 1 in 4 calls get answered properly.
Customers will not call back, but Calltracks will help identify those lost, missed, or fumbled calls.

Call recording – in and out icon

Call recording – in and out

Get more customer insights and highlight potential problems. Listen to recordings, or set up call analytics to track performance and sentiment.

Smarter customer conversations icon

Smarter customer conversations

Instantly see what your customers want and where they are in the funnel. Prioritise the ‘Quality Leads’ and increase efficiency.

Quickly recycle the missed calls icon

Quickly recycle the missed calls

Calls unanswered for an hour are 80% less likely to convert. Calltracks will send an alert so you can act quickly to revive the sale.

Actionable data icon

Actionable data

Customisable dashboards and custom reports so you can easily dig into the data you want. Data exports or integrations into your other systems.

Call Tracking FAQs

Call tracking software provides businesses with a way to understand which online marketing channels are encouraging potential customers to ring up. Each marketing channel is assigned a unique phone number. If the customer rings up, the business can then determine which channel instigated the call.

Call tracking enables advertisers to work out exactly which media are making the phones ring, and more importantly, which media sends the buyers. You can track all your media partners and sources: Search, PPC, promotions, social, offline advertising, and use call tracking to track and improve organic SEO keywords. It removes the guesswork and stops advertisers relying on data provided by media owners.

Call tracking software will record phone calls so they can be graded (for training purposes). Our system can provide operators with real-time information about the webpage (or advert) the caller is responding to and link with CRM data to provide information at the start of the call that ensures the very best outcome and customer experience.

Missed or lost opportunity alters pickup fumbled or lost calls (including unanswered calls). Customer needs can be identified by their online journey so that the opportunities can be identified in amongst a number of calls.  All this makes the customer phone call far more productive and provides training and support for operators/sales teams.

Call tracking is valuable for business and customers, too. In many markets only 1 in 4 calls are adequately answered and unanswered calls could contribute to even worse ratios.

Call-tracking does a whole lot more than track calls. Call tracking is for business owners or managers that need to make important decisions based upon smart data.

Unique telephone numbers are provided to each touchpoint online (and offline), allowing the business to determine which marketing channel influenced the prospect to call. The business can then match their number with this source.

Calls to individual numbers are tracked using analytics tools (and most often recorded). Each subsequent call from the same customer is tracked to show the route they took from your advertising to the website and to ultimately make a call.

The calls are tracked in real-time and data is added to Google Analytics with call tracking providers using their own dashboards, which brings all of the call data together. Call tracking systems typically record all phone calls, provide data by campaign, or other sources, and track customer interactions to fully understand the user journey (tracking form fills or other events including social).

Our call tracking data is searchable so you can dig into it to find answers to your important questions. Most other companies just provide preset reports.

There are plenty of benefits to call tracking. It enables businesses to determine which online marketing channels are generating leads via the phone. Underperforming pages can then be detected and improved. By indicating high performing channels, ROI can be improved by investing in the right places.   You don’t just want to track leads but see which ones turn into sales.  While you may like to see a lot of leads from a channel but what’s the point if they don’t convert?

Call tracking will effectively engage both parts of the sales journey – what makes the phone ring, and what happens in the business when the phone rings. This provides a clear picture of which media is generating the best sales leads (to accurately calculate ROI) and align media investment.

It provides you with accurate comparison data. This can help you in negotiations with third-party media owners and improves organic keywords traffic. The data helps to identify and clear any ‘obstacles’ on a website and thereby improve conversion and reduce bounce rates.

The software provides a real customer view of what happens when they call a business. Call recording is an integral part of any service but smart new programmes from some call tracking providers can be added to find lost and fumbled calls before it’s too late (revive unanswered or dead leads).

Overall, call tracking enables a business to reduce marketing and sales wastage, helping you to focus on converting the most valuable leads. Squeezing more return out of the current investment is important for any business. Not responding to quality leads is just not acceptable.

Call tracking metrics are the data that can be collected by call tracking software. This data includes the number of phone call leads generated by particular online marketing channels, phone call durations, callers’ locations, the time of day, and the qualified lead rating assigned to a caller.

The metrics are at a very granular level and enable the advertiser to monitor and manage their marketing effort with a great degree of accuracy and detail. Call tracking goes down to keyword level attribution which means that it’s easy to see which media is generating the leads and sales

Our data can be imported into your data suite or accessed on our portal. We can also set up reports and alerts to sent data through in real time.

Call analytics collect, analyse, and report phone call data. The term refers to a range of processes, from tracking which marketing channel resulted in a call to recording the calls themselves. Users can also rate which leads are qualified and view call duration, time of day, and location.

Outbound calls can be tracked to give a complete picture of the customer interactions and help identify any issues with the process or the operator. More recent systems provide the operator with real-time customer history and journey information to speed up the sales process. Calltracks provide the latest systems, which pinpoint what webpage the customer is viewing when they are on the call.

Call analytics does also refer to systems that automatically transcribe any call recordings and highlight any key good or bad words or phrases. This is really valuable for training purposes and to provide information on standard issues, obstacles, or customer sentiment. At Calltracks we have partnered with the best service in the UK to provide accurate and insightful data.

Call analytics data can also provide sentiment insights and alert you to customers concerns that are raised in calls. These insights will give you an opportunity to adjust call handling or develop new product features to address seasonal or market cycle concerns. It would be virtually impossible to collate this data without automated call analytics that have a high level of accuracy and completeness.

Call tracking includes call recording which is the process of recording phone conversations between a representative of a business and a customer. This includes both inbound and outbound calls. Within the Calltracks system, a call recording is associated with the webpage or ad that the customer visited before ringing up.

Many organisations have hundreds of call recordings each day. As a result, it’s essential that these are managed effectively, and that the urgent and most valuable calls are handled quickly. Call recordings can be used for training (to improve call handling and customer engagement) or marketing purposes.  Listening to a number of customer calls will give a flavour of market conditions and customers concerns.

Identifying and actioning lost enquiries helps increase sales conversion and reduce marketing investment. Calls need to be actioned as soon as possible and certainly within a couple of hours otherwise they become much more difficult to convert.

To create a call extension in Ads, navigate to the ‘Ad Extensions’ tab and select ‘Call Extensions’ in the drop-down menu. From here, click the ‘+Extension’ button and the ‘+New Phone Number’ button. Using a Google forwarding number enables calls to be tracked as goals in Google Analytics.

While conversion information is valuable there is a whole lot more that can be tracked, monitored, and improved to increase sales conversion. Talk to us about adding call extensions to your ads. Just one part of what call tracking can do for your business.

Are you ready to try Calltracks?

Match your vital phone calls to your customers’ online journeys.
Find your quality leads and speak to them first with Calltracks.


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