Are all your best leads in the CHASM?

It takes 24 hours for leads to get into the CRM and too many important opportunities end-up on a post-it note in a drawer somewhere. We call that the chasm, and that’s where all those great leads go, and they never climb back out.

Only those leads in the CRM are being followed up but even these are not given the speed of service they need. Your customers expect to get a call back within a few minutes but they end up having to wait and wait and wait. Web enquiries take on average 42 hours to get a response so it’s no surprise that they speak to someone else in the meantime.

Adding insult to injury, only 25% of web enquiries get an accurate reply. So the customer has waited 42 hours to be told the car has been sold when there are really 3 more identical models in group stock.

TalkingForms provides the solution by completing the sales loop instantly. We connect the customer to your sales team in under 30 seconds of the enquiry from being sent. It means your customer can get the information they want and complete their purchase.