Why your ad spend is more at risk than ever…

The Automotive Retail Industry has been forced to adapt to the pandemic and an increasing number of dealerships are investing in their digital space.

This could be by increasing online ad spend, updating their website or UI to make the customer’s online experience easier, or investing in software to optimise their omni-channel digital marketing.

These changes should be more than surface level and the integration of a new digital strategy, to reflect the changing nature of the consumers desires, should touch every aspect of the business.

It’s worthless creating a new website that generates loads of new leads, if your salespeople aren’t trained to deal with digital enquiries properly. Equally, there is no point in a blanket increase on digital ad spend if you don’t know how to spend it.


The Risk…

Everyone has caught on and countless companies are now competing online for the same clicks and keywords, making it easier than ever to over-spend on ads and get no conversions.

This crowded market means you need to use your data to keep your cost per conversion down.

Your advertising spend should be optimised regularly to ensure you’re reaching the correct audience, with the most effective ads, copy or landing pages.

What’s the best way of doing this?

Short answer. There isn’t ONE.

There are countless pieces of advice and tools out there but every industry and every company is different. A slightly different approach to digital will work with each and it’s up to a dealership to find out what works for them. One thing that will always matter, is the data.

It will take time to gather the appropriate data and a bit of know-how and common sense to implement it. Gathering this sort of information and comparing the performance of ads can be done with a small budget.

This discovery phase will allow you to spend more efficiently and with a better return in the future. This can be done with each new marketing campaign, seasonal offer or promotion.


So how can Calltracks help?

The automotive industry deals with one of the highest number of call enquiries and given calls happen OFF-line and are harder to track, that’s where we like to start.

Calltracks, gives companies insight into the touch points which influenced a given prospect to call up. This enables firms to establish which combinations of marketing channels are most effective at driving calls and generating leads.

We also provide call recording to help you improve the customer service experience and train your sales team. Voice analytics and AI are being incorporated to gather even more data, such as valuable phrases, buying intent and full transcripts of calls.

Get in touch and find out if your business could benefit from Calltracks.