What’s your lucky number? How to optimise your business calls…

Every business needs a telephone number, but did you know the telephone number associated with your business can be a powerful tool in the acquisition of new customers and the way in which your brand is perceived.

For UK businesses, there are a variety of call tracking numbers you can pick from;

– Freephone numbers (0800 / 0808)
– Local geographic numbers (such as 01 / 02)
– Mobile friendly numbers (03)
– Non-geographic numbers (such as 0844 / 0845)

Non-geographical numbers (NGNs) are numbers that are not associated with a specific location and come with multiple upsides. If you are an SME that operates on a national scale, having a NGN that begins with 03, or 08, can give potential customers the impression that your business is larger than it is. This can go a long way to increasing the trust of your brand.

Displaying a ‘local’ telephone number can, and does, dissuade certain customers from contacting you, depending on your business, as they may assume you don’t operate nationwide.

Regional numbers can, however, have their benefits. For smaller, local or regional businesses, 01 and 02 numbers, can be extremely effective. They’re instantly recognisable to locals, building that invaluable trust. It entirely depends on the intended reach of your business.

With Calltracks’ technology, you can display a specific regional number depending on where the site visitor is located and have it rerouted to a central number, giving you the best of both worlds.

The Mobile Problem

With fewer UK homes using a landline, customers will likely be contacting you via mobile. Some numbers, such as 0844, still incur mobile consumers a service charge AND an access charge. No one expects to pay to contact any business, so many businesses choose to avoid these.

There is another type of number you may not be aware of that ticks all the boxes, 03.

These are non-geographical numbers that are charged at standard rates, even from a mobile. Whilst 0800 and 0808 numbers have become free for the user to call, unlike with 03, the cost, up to 7p per minute, is passed onto the business. This effectively makes an 03 number the most cost-effective number for your business.

Going International?

Internationally Calltracks can also provide regional or toll-free tracking numbers for around 70 countries worldwide, meaning if your business operates abroad, you can still have complete control of all your calls and data.

Calltracks currently can provide Regional and Local telephone numbers in the following countries;

So What Should You Do?

Ultimately, we would always advocate testing to make sure you pick the numbers that perform best for your business. A typical A/B test that allows you to monitor conversion rates would be a great starting point.

Our team can help you set this up in no time and get that phone ringing like never before! Give us a ring and we can answer any of your calltracking and telephone number needs.