Are online widgets and tools enough?

Are online widgets and tools enough?

58% of B2B companies use a chatbot on their website, and 42% on B2C websites (Relay). These numbers have only increased throughout the pandemic. With brick and mortar stores and offices closing, business was forced to move online. To cope, many companies turned to chat bots and online widgets to help with their customer service efforts.

Whilst some customers like these online tools, there is no substitution for actually speaking to them. 65% of customers that engage with a bot need to speak to a person anyway, and some people disengage from a seller as soon as they know they can’t speak to a human. An instant call back quickly builds rapport, trust, and helps clinch a deal, even if the customer is going to have to wait for stock.

The majority of high-frequency purchase businesses have a slightly different issue. Given the nature of what and how they sell, calls in are rarely going to be leads looking to speak to sales. However, they may deal with lots of customer service where response time is equally important.

Great communication will not only help your sales figures, but your reputation too. More personal interactions with your knowledgeable staff will do wonders for sales. You will also improve your customer satisfaction, referrals and customer loyalty, all while keeping your competitors at bay.

The average lead response is 42 hours. That’s why we made TalkingForms
TalkingForms instantly connects the prospect to your sales agent to win the deal. With 78% of prospects handing their business to the first company they speak to, it pays to be quick.

Our automated software allows your sales agent to go into every call with the relevant details about the enquiry, ready to close the deal or help your customer. All of this within 30 seconds. See the speed for yourself. Try a demo of our product.

Speaking to your prospects at the peak of their interest will ensure the best conversion and cut out time wasted having to call back multiple times to get hold of them. TalkingForms is simple to set up and sits alongside your existing systems and processes. No login or training is required.

If you have multiple physical sites, TalkingForms also allows you to compare the performance of multiple sales people and branches. You can’t improve what you can’t measure.

TalkingForms is simple to install and use, requires no training and no login. Every call is recorded and easy to access. See our short Video explaining how TalkingForms works or try for yourself with our FREE 30 Day Trial.

Ensure every enquiry is called and tracked, so you never miss a lead again.

Browse our website to find out more about TalkingForms and the many ways it can help your business!

Are online widgets and tools enough?