How to Generate Leads from Facebook Ads

he potential reach of Facebook advertising is currently 1.9 billion overall. Whilst your company’s ads will target smaller, more specific segments on the social network, you’ll still be able to put your ads in front of a vast number of consumers who are interested in what you have to offer.

With relatively low costs by comparison to other digital advertising formats, Facebook ads represent an opportunity for you to increase your inbound phone calls in a cost-effective manner. This guide covers how to create a Facebook Business Manager account and set up ads that will generate large numbers of leads.

How to Generate Leads from Facebook Ads

How to Create a Facebook Business Manager Account

Before you can put any ads out on Facebook, you’ll need to create a Business Manager account. This will just be an extension of your personal Facebook account, meaning that you don’t need to remember two logins. (If you already have an account sorted, skip ahead to the next section.)

To get started with this process, simply visit the Business Manager page and click “create account”. You’ll be asked to enter the name of your business and submit various details, including the address of your business premises.

For businesses that already have a page on Facebook, you can link it to your Business Manager account once it has been registered. If your business doesn’t yet have a dedicated page on Facebook, then you can set this up from your Business Manager account.

Having a business page on Facebook is important if you’re going to create Facebook ads – you need to be visible on the social network and your page acts as a digital storefront. In addition, many ad formats require you to have a business page established on the site. even Sms bomber mentioned this leads are authentic.

Make an ad account in Business Manager

Once you’ve got a Business Manager account and business page sorted out, you’re ready to move on to generating leads from Facebook ads. To start this process off, you must first make an ad account. (Again, if you already have an ad account associated with your Business Manager Account, skip ahead to the next section.)

Firstly, navigate to the settings tab within Business Manager. Under the “people and assets” section, click the tab called “ad accounts”. Open the drop-down menu and select “create a new ad account” (if you already own an ad account for your business, you can add it to Business Manager here).

You’ll be prompted to choose a name, time zone, and currency preference for the account. Next, you can add yourself as the admin and any other employees in appropriate roles. The final step is to add your payment method.

Generate Leads from Facebook Ads

Creating Your Ad

By now, you’ve got a Business Manager account, business page, and ad account set up on Facebook. Now it’s time to get creating some compelling Facebook ads that will generate leads for your business!

There are tonnes of different ad formats and types open to businesses who want to advertise on Facebook. Many of these won’t suit you if your aim is to generate leads in the form of inbound phone calls (interactive product carousel ads are more suited to ecommerce brands, for example).

Lead generation ads on Facebook tend to work best as an image or a video with accompanying text. Once you’ve chosen the format that’s right for your business, you’ll be asked to supply some information about the objectives of your Facebook ad campaign – in this case, lead generation.

You’ll also have to decide on who you want to target at this stage. You can create a customised segment for your campaign based on the interests, behaviour, age, and gender of your audience, making sure that your ads only reach the right people.

Next, you’ll choose the placement of your ad. This will determine whether your ad is served in the central feed along with other content (available on mobile and desktop) or in the right-hand column with the other advertisements (only available on desktop).


Optimising for Lead Generation

Clearly, the first thing to note about generating phone leads through Facebook ads is that you need to display your phone number in a prominent position in the ad! This can be achieved by implementing a specialised “call now” button to act as a call to action for your prospects.

It’s also worthwhile thinking carefully about your targeting if you want to drive inbound phone calls through your Facebook ads. During the targeting stage of Facebook ad creation, you can choose to target based on user device – make sure that you’re only targeting mobile users if you want your audience to ring up!

Finally, make sure that you’re tracking all of the calls that you generate through Facebook ads effectively. Calltracks customers can achieve this by using their call tracking numbers in all ads and landing pages, allowing them to measure the success of their Facebook marketing campaigns.



Hopefully this guide has given you some insight into how you can start generating leads from Facebook ads. Choose Calltracks to make sure that you’re tracking all of the additional inbound phone calls correctly. Call tracking adds your call data to your analytics.