What is call tracking and why you need it

Call tracking data will enable you match your customers’ online journey to their phone calls and build a complete picture of their needs and interests. You will also see what sales each marketing channel delivers instead of just focusing on leads. With call tracking data you can pinpoint and track your best leads, see your most valuable marketing channels, plus much more.
Include customer phone calls in your analytics and sales KPI’s.

Calltracks will help you

With call tracking data you can identify your best leads and speak to them first. Before anyone else can reach them.

Get a better understanding customer engagement with our call tracking data.

Instantly put your sales team on the same page as customers to create a much better outcome from calls.

Achieve better marketing budget ROI. Call-tracking for marketing to achieve more sales without increasing the budget.


Consider the business benefits of call tracking

If your customers call you to make an enquiry or make a sale, you need call tracking data to get the full picture for marketing, sales, and operations. Analytics alone are not enough, with Calltracks you can match the online activity to your phone calls and see the complete customer journeys. Call tracking will help your business.

Optimise marketing campaigns icon

Optimise marketing campaigns

See which keywords and channels (including offline) deliver the sales. Adjust budgets to do more of the things that convert.

Make the tough business decisions icon

Make the tough business decisions

Get the insights and facts you need to make the tough business decisions about processes, channels, and partners.

Improve CX and increase conversion icon

Improve CX and increase conversion

Remove obstacles from your website that block conversion. Give insights to your sales team of what each customer needs to optimise all call outcomes.

What happens when your phones ring? icon

What happens when your phones ring?

65% of buyers choose the phone not forms or chat. Only 1 in 4 calls get answered properly.
Customers will not call back, but call tracking data will help identify those lost, missed, or fumbled calls.

Call recording – in and out icon

Call recording – in and out

Get more customer insights and highlight potential problems. Listen to recordings, or set up call analytics to track performance and sentiment.

Smarter customer conversations icon

Smarter customer conversations

Instantly see what your customers want and where they are in the sales funnel. Prioritise the ‘Quality Leads’ and increase efficiency.

Quickly recycle the missed calls icon

Quickly recycle the missed calls

Calls unanswered for an hour are 80% less likely to convert. Calltracks will send an alert so you can act quickly to revive the sale.

Actionable data icon

Actionable data

Customisable dashboards and custom reports so you can easily dig into the data you want. Data exports or integrations into your other systems.

Pinpoint your quality leads.

You know the importance of speaking to customers either face to face or on the phone. Email and chat will never replace speaking to your ready-to-buy customers. Pinpointing the leads at the bottom of the sales funnel is more important than ever, but there are big pressures on resources and your customers' demand a very speedy service. Call tracking will make a big difference through your business. Calltracks data will help you focus on your quality leads, impress them and win their business, before they get a chance to speak to anyone else. With Calltracks real-time data you can match the online journeys to the phone calls to make sure you speak to your most valuable leads first.

Call tracking data will help marketing, sales, and operations teams to focus on the channels that drive sales and provide the data to find and convert the quality leads. Speak to us and we'll tell you more.

How call tracking helps?

Analytical call tracking uses DNI (dynamic number insertion) or static numbers to track all sales channels.  This means you can see which channels drive the phone calls, and which channels bring the sales.  This includes offline, all digital channels including social, affiliates or classified channels, and phone calls. Our call analytics tool provides clear actionable data.  All calls are recorded so you can also gain insights on customer needs and issues, market sentiment, and identify any training needs.

Call tracking provides analytics data about your phone calls. Armed with this data you can link call data to your customers online journey to build a complete picture of their needs and interests.

Calltracks help you go to the next level and track marketing investment right through to the sale.  When you have call tracking data you can focus on the channels that create the buyers and cut out the things that generate the tyre-kickers who are not ready to buy.  Why try to manage lots of leads when you can pinpoint the ‘Quality leads’ who become your buyers?  See which channels, campaigns, partnerships, and keywords drive the sales into the business. Improve marketing ROI, CX, conversion, and keep track of all your leads including those that get lost, fumbled or dropped.

Call tracking data is invaluable for any marketing team that wants to generate quality sales leads. Your customers pick up the phone and call at critical stages in their sales journey but you need to implement call tracking numbers to track your calls and link their online journey to the call. With call tracking you can match the calls to the online journey and prioritise the quality leads. You can also set up alerts to ensure you don’t miss any quality leads in the big hole between enquiries and the CRM system. Finally, call tracking marketing data will let you see clearly the value of 3rd party channels, and marketing partnerships at a sales level, not just and enquiry level. Managing loads of leads that don’t convert is not a sensible use of resources.

How about pinpointing your sales stars and leaking processes? Call tracking data will give you the insights you need to make important business devisions based upon facts, not gut feelings.

Operational teams focus on what happens when the phone rings in your business. They make sure that all customer sales calls are efficiently and effectively handled.  That’s all the inbound calls and outbound calls too, throughout the whole sales process.  Things do go wrong and that’s where call tracking will help.  At Calltracks we have some vital tools to pinpoint the lost, fumbled or missed leads.  We record calls to help with training and follow-up (ask about voice analytics), and we can pass real time data through to operators (or lead management systems) with journey and enquiry details.  Sadly 50% of leads or enquiries do not find their way into a lead management or CMS system so you don’t know about those the missed opportunities.

Lead management and processing is critical for any business and yet another way call tracking data will help. Either acting as a safety net to make sure no valuable leads are missed (by sending out alerts when calls do not go as expected), or providing valuable insights to the front line team (to inform them how to guide the customer conversation in real time).

Talk to us about the benefits of call tracking for your business.

We help you identify your best leads and match their online journeys to the phone calls. This means your sales team will have the information to help best manage the customers’ needs on the call.  This can happen in real-time as we feed data to your CMS or operators. Call tracking data will put your operators on the same page as each customer and make the call quicker, simpler, and more engaging. Our system will also help you manage any aging stock issues and make sure the priorities get dealt with quickly.  You can generate a list of the customers who showed interest in the old stock items so that they can be re-targeted.

Quickly answering customer questions and managing their needs to a positive outcome is what you want. Call tracking data is really helpful for on-site sales teams and call centres too. We have a lot of experience working with car dealers and manufacturers where call tracking provides data to identify the quality leads, ensures they do not get lost in the lead management process, and provide insights on what customers are enquiring about before the call starts.

Call tracking for call centres to make more effective and efficient use of time, and call tracking for sales to find and convert the quality leads.

Calltracks has over 15 years’ experience working with many of the largest and most demanding groups providing industry leading call tracking data. We really understand the needs of the industry and have worked with clients to create unique solutions to solve the most challenging problems. We work with over 300 dealerships supporting them with all the data and information they need at a branch, region, and head office level.  We supply data to contact centres for real-time call management, in addition to data for marketing to review campaign effectiveness, lead quality, and identify and recycle the missed leads.  About 50% of leads are not put into the CRM or just not followed-up.  Calltracks will help to monitor these and ensure that the missed calls get followed up.

Automotive internet lead management is a hot topic with many dealerships investing in CRM upgrades and specific lead management systems. Calltracks already integrate with many leading platforms so our call tracking data is easily accessible by the teams that need it.

Calltracks will provide real benefits for any clients in the motor trade because of our knowledge and understanding of the business and the pressures of the industry. Talk to us about our proven call tracking solutions for automotive.

Estate agents spend a lot of money on the portals to drive enquiries and are investing online in social to build their brand at a local level to drive valuations and instructions.  Call tracking for estate agents will help to understand which elements of the marketing provide the revenue for your business. Your customers are increasingly demanding and there is an ongoing pressure on your people and time.  Calltracks’ call tracking data will help you stop spending marketing money that does not convert and focus on the areas that do while also helping to prioritise the opportunities that come in for the team. Speaking to your ready to buy customers first is really important – our call tracking data will enable you to pinpoint those leads, identify what they are looking for, and get on the phone to them before any of your competitors.

Our agency call tracking solutions help you cater for a single client or global client base.  Measure the impact of their online channels and match the online journey to the phone calls to build a complete customer view.  Customers use the phone to help make important buying decisions and to ratify their final choices.  With Calltracks, your clients can measure the impact of their online channels with SEO and PPC call tracking, as well as attribution for display ads, emails and referrals.

Call tracking for SEO and PPC call tracking are important but you also need analytics for phone calls. While clients will be impressed by lead volumes cost per sale is the really important KPI. Lead quality and lead management will both have a massive impact on the final numbers. Call tracking data is effectively analytics data for phone calls so will enable you to tie online activity to the phone calls to get a complete picture of the marketing and sales journey.

Please take a look at our Programs below or just complete an enquiry form and one of our team will contact you.

Do all the quality leads get converted? No!

In many industries we see that the majority of leads do not ever get put into the CRM system.  Over 50% of leads are not tracked properly and never called back, along with those calls that could have been handled better.  Call tracking will help by highlighting lost, missed, and fumbled calls. The leads can be recycled before it’s too late and they end up buying from your local competitor.

No company can afford to throw away the leads that have cost a lot of money and time to generate.  We will provide a second chance to impress a potential customer. If you feel your team are at capacity and not able to deal with any more enquiries then call tracking can help you ensure they speak to the most valuable calls first.

Too many good leads are just being wasted. Call tracking will make sure you speak to the quality leads first and give you the data to manage calls effectively. Leads are perishable so it’s vital to speak to them quickly. Talk to us about how call tracking will improve your lead conversion and help reduce costs.

Most companies need a number of systems to track leads, manage calls, and nurture prospects. Call tracking data can be integrated into any of these systems to provide the insights and history when it’s needed.  With this information you can reduce wasted marketing spend, enhance the customer journey, and increase sales.  Talk to us about your platforms and systems.

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