Proof of the Need for Speed with all Sales Leads

Proof of the Need for Speed with all Sales Leads

New research by eBay Motors Group found that 41% of in-market buyers will not call a dealer again if their initial enquiry is ignored. It shows that dealers are given just get one chance to get back to leads and enquiries. It means that if the response is not quick enough the potential hot lead will simply call your competitor instead.

It has never been more important to get back to your customers fast, and this is where TalkingForms will help you.

Waste Not, Want Not
Your leads are costing the business a lot of marketing budget and customers may well be making 3 or 4 enquiries at the same time. Your speed of response is what makes the difference from winning the sale or losing the business. If you do not speak to the prospect first you have probably lost the sale and the customer forever.

Lucy Tugby, eBay’s Head of Marketing said “The importance of actioning incoming leads cannot be overestimated, with the research showing 93% of the leads generated across the platforms directly related to the purchase of a vehicle.” People spend weeks researching a car purchase so if they’re at the point of making calls, they are highly engaged and serious buyers. TalkingForms will help you make the most of all these opportunities and ensure that digital leads get called straight away.

TalkingForms instantly connects the potential buyer to your sales team and will make sure your company speak to them first, before any competitors can. The TalkingForms system will take your leads, call your sales team and read the enquiry details to them. You can dial 1 to be instantly connected to the customer, or dial 2 to recycle the lead. It all happens automatically and we aim to get the customer speaking to your sales team within 30 seconds.

Lucy continued “During the lockdowns dealers worked harder than ever to convert incoming leads. Dealers who continue to do this are ideally placed to maximise their sales opportunities in the current market.” All dealers now need to get back to basics and look after their leads… TalkingForms makes it easy!

When you only have one chance to convert a lead you need to use TalkingForms. Our software is designed to get your team speaking to your leads fast and enable them to convert the hot leads to customers.

Get your team speaking to your customers fast, with TalkingForms.
TalkingForms will really make the difference. We simply sit alongside your existing systems and processes and there is no login or training required. Every call is recorded and easy to access. Why not try for yourself with our FREE 30 Day Trial.

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Proof of the Need for Speed with all Sales Leads