How Auto-Dealers Can Stay Ahead…

Low Stock…

Due to a halt in worldwide car manufacturing, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, dealerships in the UK are struggling to keep up with the demand for New cars. After multiple lockdowns, consumers have cash to splash but the waiting time can often be months, not weeks.

This, in turn, has lead to the Used car market to soar. Two of the largest UK retailer groups, Vertu and Lookers, recently issued profit upgrades far exceeding expectations. This has been put down almost entirely to the Used cars market.

For dealers that don’t stock a variety of used cars, aftersales and the servicing have become a far greater priority. This may mean contacting customers to remind them to get their serviced, or of deals they may be interested in.

Calls Coming In…

The may result in a lot of calls coming in enquiring about your deals, services, etc. and each call is a valuable lead. A strong lead management strategy, including software, chasing leads and retaining data, can really make a difference.

Whether a customer is viewing an ad online, found a car at your dealership browsing AutoTrader or is an existing customer wanting servicing, it’s important to know as much about your lead as possible and handle their enquiry efficiently.

One thing that hasn’t changed regardless of the purchasing method, is that customers want to visit the dealership and see the car in person. A recent poll found that, of 1300 respondents, 71% still wants a showroom experience. Before visiting in person, it is likely a customer will call first to ask questions or to check the vehicle is still available to buy or be seen.

Whatever situation your dealership is in, the phone will keep ringing so staying on top of your calls and leads is crucial. That’s why we made TalkingForms.

How to Stay Ahead…

Our software, TalkingForms, helps you manage your time better and get to important calls straight away. The ideal time to speak to a customer is just when they have made an enquiry, when they are at the peak of interest and ready to spend.

TalkingForms connects the prospect to your sales agent in under 30 seconds to clinch the deal and convert the sale. Given the importance of response time, our product can help set you apart from competitors. A recent Forbes study showed 71% of internet leads are wasted because the business did not respond fast enough!


TalkingForms integrates seamlessly with CRM or other systems and we won’t change or interrupt any of your current businesses processes. Staff won’t need relentless training to learn a confusing interface or have to create yet another set of login details.

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