Iain White outlines the issues Estate Agents have with leads.

Property Industry Expert Iain White

Property Industry Expert Iain White
Iain White’s Post (April 2021, LinkedIn);


An observation and a small piece of advice.
Yesterday I was with a well known supplier who generate qualified valuation leads they have over 2000 agency clients. They showed me a dashboard with all the leads they had created many where the client had actually replied by text requesting a valuation as they were thinking of moving.
However their conundrum they sought my assistance with is the leads with many of their clients were simply not being called and booked. Same clients then often look to cancel the supplier agreement as it creates no ROI. My advice comes in parts;
  • 1. Don’t pay for any lead Gen if you do not have the capacity to deal with the leads . You are doing more harm than good to your brand.
  • 2. Work with the supplier to ensure you understand how where and when leads arrive and check you are squeezing every drop of value from the supplier partnership. 
  • 3. As a leader it’s your job to have system and processes and the right culture in place where valuable leads are dealt with and your return maximised . Don’t blame or make excuses find a solution. Lastly do not assume lead handling is perfect in your business . CHECK.”

Property Industry Expert Iain White

Property Industry Expert Iain White

We might just have the answer…

Our Instant Communication TalkingForms product converts leads into phone calls.  We are also keen to work with CRM’s and lead providers to add our functionality inside their platform.  So we could see that an SMS has been received and then instantly activate a phone call to the valuer, and connect them to the new client. 

How TalkingForms helps further

We can also send updates/reports to the ‘manager’ highlighting any missed opportunities.  This could be a list of the enquiries received and those answered, to help the manager follow things up and check that the opportunities are property recorded and nurtured. The scenario painted by Iain is exactly where TalkingForms plugs the gap and ensures that the vital leads are not missed. 

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Property Industry Expert Iain White