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Business Owner

We will make sure that every lead is put in front of you so you don’t have to wade through even more emails to find the lead that.. Ahhh I missed that one yesterday…

TalkingForms means you can be reactive, we will literally call you and read out the lead detail.  So it’s easy to make sure you can prioritise getting back to the customers without breaking a sweat. In fact you just press 1 on the keypad and you are connected. If it’s not convenient press 2 and we will schedule the call again for a pre agreed amount of time.

A two minute phone conversation is a lot easier than writing another email reply that no one seems to read.

It’s a 7 day no brainer FREE trial to achieve sales bliss.



When you consider 78% of customers buy from the first company they speak to let’s make sure it’s your company.

We make your phone ring so gone are the days of putting off scary follow up calls. The team will be answering the ringing phone rather than fearing picking up the phone to call.

By changing the mentality, from calling to just answering, your online sales opportunities are followed up within 5 minutes meaning up to 25 times better in getting hold of that lead again.

This in many cases leads to more than double the amount of business in the sales funnel. Simply by speaking to the customer while they are still on the website and in the buying zone.

Oh yes I can see that extra revenue coming in now…

Estate Agency

Customer Success/Contact Centre

With pressure to follow up and quickly contact leads coming in from a variety of sources, whilst inbound call volumes continue to increase. Perhaps potential clients who had previously submitted a form but had not received a response.

This along with the time consuming effort of having to call back potential customers several times, only to be told, can you call back I am busy right now.

TalkingForms is here to solve this issue once and for all! We convert the lead into a phone call and contact you straight away. You will be delighted to get the customer  on the phone quickly, as there is a 25 times increase in connecting to the lead first time if you call within 5 minutes.

How much capacity would that free up, less outbound calls to try to contact the lead and no more leads calling in, moaning about the lack of reply.

Conversion statistics will go through the roof. Enough time for that cuppa you started to make three days ago?



We have all heard it before, the colouring in department send low quality leads. Or perhaps leads just are not being followed up fast enough.

If you are 25 times less likely to get hold of a lead after just 5 minutes could that be the reason why we are not converting as well as we should.

Well we can certainly help find out. Taking forms will turn your web leads in to sales calls which means you will get 25 times more leads contacted. How many sales could that end up being?

Oh and the best bit, we will pass data back to your analytics tool to tell you about the calls that happened, and how long they were. So you can market to convert more followed up leads rather than just form fills.

Imagine a marketing budget being turned up for a change!


Tech providers

So you know you have a brilliant product, you know you generate loads of great leads… Yet somehow you are having to justify your worth to your customers.

Yes we know how that feels. So with TalkingForms you get more visibility as to how good, or indeed bad your customers are at following up those great leads.

You just hook in to our API and send us the leads, tell us who to call and leave the rest to us. We will harass the right people until someone answers the phone and gets straight back to the customer.

Suddenly your awesome tech is front and centre and generating more sales than ever!!


Digital Agency

So you’re pretty sure you are delivering great leads but you don’t have the visibility to be 100%.

By using TalkingForms you will be able to see, how long it takes to get back to a lead, how long the call was for, you can even listen to the call if your client agrees.

Change the rhetoric and show stake holders you are delivering but things fall through the cracks help them to change process to ensure these valuable leads are turned in to sales.

Lower the CPL and CPS just by ensuring all leads are dealt with.

Just fill in the form and we will be in touch shortly.

We want to make it easy for you and your clients to benefit from TalkingForms. Let us give you a call and see how we can help.

Are you ready to try Barbuck?

78% of customers give their business to the first company they speak to. (source: Harvard Business Review)