Call tracking for estate agents

Call tracking enhances analytics data to give valuable insights on what elements of your marketing mix is working, and what is not. Do you know what make the phones ring and how well do your team handle those important calls with your potential vendors/landlords? Do the property portals attract your owners? Do they deliver value for money, and what are the alternatives? While your social channels can portray brand values, do they generate valuable new clients?

Don't waste any of your marketing budget. See whats' working and do more of it.


Which channels deliver revenue?

Building a strong local reputation takes time and is down to hard work, consistency, knowing the market, and delivering a great experience. But it’s a very competitive world and you need to get noticed and keep top of mind.

You can analyse the online customers interactions in analytics, and you can track the sales progression through the CRM or agent platform. How about the phone calls?   Do you match the calls to the customers online journey?

Call tracking will enable you to match the online journey and the phone calls to see which online (or offline) events drove the contact, valuation, and instruction. Too many calls are not properly tracked or added to the CRM and as a result a lot of quality leads get lost.

The portals can be expensive but deemed essential.  Call tracking enables you to see the value they bring in your marketing mix. With call tracking you can identify the real value of each channel, campaign, keyword or creative. You can track interactions through to the sale. See what marketing is keeping you busy, and what is driving the instructions and income.

Use your data to make important decisions and don’t rely on the data from people with a vested interest to keep you spending money with them.


Better ROI, better integration, better customer service

Call tracking granular data enables you to track all your marketing channels; social, PPC, outdoor, partnerships, portals, advertising, sponsorships etc and see which channels and creative drive the fee earning conversations.

Callracks data is available in real-time and we can provide transcripts and call analytics. We provide alerts when we think an opportunity has been missed and link the call recording, so it’s easy and quick to check. Calltracks data can be integrated into your other systems and help improve the quality of customer calls and enhance conversion.

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Call tracking for Estate Agents. Calltracks data will help you optimise your marketing for sales. Armed with the data you can make the important decisions with confidence.

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Generating more fee generating customers is critical for any Estate Agent. Marketing is the lifeblood of the agency and needs to be constantly optimised and managed. Calltracks data will enable you to see what’s working and what is not.