Call tracking for sales and customer service

Call tracking data will instantly put your sales team and customer service staff on the same page as your customers. Informing them what the customer had been looking at means they can manage each conversation to achieve the best outcome. The result is shorter (but more successful) conversations with customers. All calls are recorded for training purposes and call analytics are available.

Take a look at our call tracking for marketing pages. Calltracks data will enable you to optimise your marketing budgets for sales, and identify any road blocks in the website. You will see which parts of your marketing mix generates the buyers, and where things can be improved.


Smarter conversations leading to better outcomes

Recognising your customers and linking their new search history to the call will enable your teams to manage every call to a positive and happy outcome. Call tracking data will also enable you to identify why your new customers are on the phone, and tie their search history to their phone number.  While you may not have spoken them before, you can impress them with your efficiency, help and knowledge.

Calltracks can link to your CRM or phone system and provide real-time data to the front line team. This means that your customer history can be linked to the new enquiry to enrich each conversation and make your customers feel valued.

The data enables you to impressive customers and saves times too.

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Speak to the most valuable customers first

Calltracks data helps you to prioritise leads and make sure your team speak to the most valuable ones first. It means you can deliver gold star service for your valued customers and most valuable opportunities.

Things don’t always go to plan or you can’t always speak to people when you want. We can set up missed opportunity alerts for you. The Calltracks system will identify where we think something has gone wrong – where the search history does not fit with the call duration. The alerts provide a link to the call recording so you can listen to hear what happened before calling the customer back and re-engaging.

Ask us about call analytics to provide valuable insights on every call that you probably don’t have time to review yourself. The insights can include customer sentiment, key words, market confidence, raised words etc.

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Calltracks data enables sales and customer service teams to link the calls to each customers' online journey. This means that calls are more productive and will convert more sales.

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Call tracking data gives sales and customer service teams valuable insights to make better connections, more valuable outcomes, and better decisions.