Call tracking + Sales

Linking sales to calls provides a lot of really valuable data to improve sales engagement, conversion, and ROI. It means that you can optimise your marketing plan for sales, not leads, and really understand which elements of the campaigns drive the sales conversations.

Call tracking data will put an end to the noisy discussions, opinions, and guesswork, so you can plan and optimise your marketing and lead management with confidence. Use Calltracks data to get the answers.


See the conversion point

According to Google there are hundreds of digital touch points in the purchasing journey over 3 months including search, reviews and comparison sites. Covering research, choices, decision to buy, and where to buy. This same process applies for most major high-value considered purchases.

Call tracking helps you pinpoint your conversion point. You can Identify your ready-to-buy customers and see their digital journey. This means you can focus on 2 things:
– Quickly call the customer and convert the sale.
– Optimise your marketing mix for sales.

Call tracking data provides invaluable insights for sales, marketing, and operations. Real-time data to help put your team on the same page as your customer and make the process quicker, more personal, and effective.


What makes a quality lead?

Do you know where your quality leads come from? You could use the data to cut the ineffective marketing, and put all the effort into converting those leads.

With call tracking data you will see exactly what created each quality lead. Which keyword, campaign, creative, channels, and pages they viewed. You can see where they left the website and came back later or on another day. It provides a full picture of each visit and the time spent. This data can be used to identify the quality leads and see exactly what they are interested in buying.

Identifying your 5 star buyers means you can speak to them fast and can see the best way to manage the conversation. We can also help you identify when calls don’t go to plan so they can be quickly recycled.

Calltracks data provides invaluable insights. Data can be viewed in our system or added into GA4 or your data warehouse. The key information is available to the people who need it – now, in real time.

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Link sales to calls to optimise your marketing ROI. Call tracking data will enable you to see what makes your quality leads and give you the insights to convert them quickly.

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Would you like to see what parts of your marketing drive the buyers and re-allocate budget from the things that don’t convert. You can also optimise your leads quality leads – pinpoint the buyers, speak to them fast, and manage the conversation knowing what they want.