Call tracking for marketing

Optimise your marketing ROI, and impress and convert more sales by knowing the purpose of each call.

Join your phone calls to your customers' online (and offline) journey with call tracking. It will enable you to track calls to sales, pinpoint your best prospects, see which marketing channels really deliver the buyers (and then optimise budgets), impress customers with super-informed front-line staff, and ultimately make the whole team more effective and efficient.

Call tracking data added to your analytics delivers actionable insights to help you convert more leads into sales.


Optimise your marketing for sales

Knowing the impact of each piece of your marketing mix means you can confidently optimise for sales, not leads.

It goes without saying that you want to see how your users navigate around your website and understand the impact of each channel, keyword, campaign, poster, partnership, blog, newsletter or event. Analytics data alone is not enough. You need call tracking data to link your calls to sales, and build a complete picture of each customer journey.

Call tracking data will show you which channels and campaigns drive the leads, and which ones bring the buyers. Armed with the date you can clear any roadblocks on your website and remove the marketing that does not convert.

You can focus on the elements of the marketing mix that delivers your profit.


Convert every call

Your customers call when they need your help and expertise to ratify their choice before they finally complete their purchase. With call tracking data you can link your customers online journey to their phone calls. This means you can pinpoint your quality leads that are ready to buy and also tailor your call to achieve the best outcome.

Calltracks data will instantly put you on the same page as your customer and provide details of their full journey. This means that your team have the information to provide a great customer experience and ultimately make the sale.

Calltracks will also send an alert when we feel a call has not gone to plan so that no sales opportunities are lost, missed, or dropped. This gives a second chance to convert your quality leads before it’s too late.

We don’t just provide pre-set reports as we want you to be able to answer your business questions. Calltracks enables you to add and remove data in GA4 and integrates with CMS, DMS, or other systems. Ask about how we can be integrated with contact centres and phone systems.

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Calltracks technology helps marketing, sales, and operational teams. We show you what marketing drives the sale and what attracts the tyre kickers, we help you pinpoint the best opportunities, and support your process and systems to make sure no ready-to-buy customer is lost or missed.

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See which marketing channels provide the most profit, and instantly get on the same page as your best customers so you get the most out of every call.