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What we do

The Barbuck team have been working in online conversion and attribution for over a decade. We now bring together our expertise from network communication, analytics, customer online buying journey, UX, and sales team practices. Technology continues to have a major impact on how we shop, but human interaction is essential to close any big deal.

Customers are happy to research online, but they want to speak to someone (a real person who can answer a few simple questions) before they part with their hard-earned cash. Call tracking technology makes a big difference to how companies optimise their lead management.

Many marketing budgets are focussed on generating leads but call tracking data enables the team to focus on generating more sales. Call tracking provides data to track which marketing elements were influential in generating (at keyword level). Armed with this data the team can optimise the budget for sales.

Lead-tracking insights enable the sales team to pinpoint the in-market, ready to buy, quality leads and speak to them first. The insights show which web pages the lead has been viewing to help manage any calls for the best outcome.

Matching call data to analytics data is essential for any business where customers pick up the phone at important times in the sales process. Your team could be dropping, missing, or fumbling a lot of quality sales leads and you are not aware or tracking them. 50% of phone enquiries are not called back and more are fumbled.

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What people think…

Calltracks dynamic call tracking provided real time data to help Julian and the Paid Media team to optimise their campaigns. Julian said, “Calltracks made it incredibly easy to implement call tracking ahead of clearing. We were able to utilise all of the data on the day to optimise our advertising campaigns live and ensure advertising and application targets were met”.

“University of Chester hit its target of 350 applicants by 4 p.m. on the day of clearing, which is amazing. It was such a different experience”. “We have worked with other call tracking providers, but Calltracks just made the whole thing really simple and painless.

“We optimise advertising spend based upon the highest-performing ads and campaigns, so we were able to adjust online bids on the fly and were delighted to achieve the highest number of applications. We use 40+ tactics to reach students. Social, including LinkedIn likes, are just part of what we do for the Universities, and we can track each channel with call tracking.”

Final word
Julian said, “A big thanks to the Calltracks team. From initial discussions, implementation, and follow-up, it has been simple, professional, and efficient. We are now looking at ways to beat the performance next time and provide additional tech enhancements for the students with Calltracks”.

Julian Pareja, Head of Conversion Solutions at Akero

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78% of customers give their business to the first company they speak to. (source: Harvard Business Review). Make sure you speak to your quality leads straight away. Use Calltracks to pinpoint your best leads and see what they want and need.