See which companies are visiting your website

To find out exactly which companies and potential companies are visiting your website then you need Canddi.

Canddi shows you which companies visited your website, even if they haven’t enquired, allowing you to actually identify prospects that haven’t yet made contact with you.Alongside identifying visitors who haven’t enquired, Canddi can also track visitors who submit email enquiries, allowing you to segment your prospects more effectively and set-up alerts when particular segments re-visit your website.

However, if by by default someone visits your website and picks up the phone, Canddi cannot track these visitors.

If you are running Visitor Level Tracking from Calltracks it is possible to integrate your phone call data with Canddi to boost your lead tracking even further.

You will now be able to see companies that visited your website and picked up the phone, whereas before you may have assumed these companies exited without converting.

Similar to email enquires you can also set-up alerts to notify you when companies who have previously phoned you re-visit your website.

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