Call tracking for the automotive industry

How would you like to link your phone calls to their web visits? If you know their search history you can manage each customer interaction and focus on the most valuable opportunities. Link the data to your other systems and see who are your old customers, and who are new ones.

Link sales to calls with Calltracks and optimise your marketing for ROI. Get more out of your existing budget or increase the budget with confidence that it will convert.


Know what your leads have viewed online

When you know what stock and services your customers have viewed on your website you get a picture of what they want.  Linking call tracking data with your analytics data enables you find your best leads and manage the calls for the most profitable outcome.

Calltracks data can link to your DMS or CMS to match call data to customer records so that every call is streamlined, informed, and effective.

Your customers want a speedy response and will normally make multiple enquiries, so it is vital to identify the best leads and speak to them fast.

At Calltracks we can set up missed opportunity alerts where it appears that a call did not go as expected. The alerts link to a call recording so they can be checked quickly and the customer called before it’s too late. Recover the sale before it’s fumbled, lost, or missed forever.


Optimise marketing for sales

Call tracking will enable you to see the value of all your full marketing mix. Social, keywords, campaigns, partnerships, portals, posters etc. Are the portals really delivering the volume of sales they claim, and is the new campaign creative delivering better conversion?

Get the answers to the tough questions about budget optimisation and make changes with confidence. Optimising for sales not leads. Calltracks data enables to see the full customer journey from first click. See all the pages viewed, search terms used, and which products and services made them pick up the phone.

Focus the marketing mix on driving more quality leads instead of wasting time and marketing budget on generating the weak leads.

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