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See which PPC Visitors convert on your website

Google Ads call tracking allows you to report on your web visitors who have come from PPC and subsequently converted on your website via a phone call.

Phone call conversions can be integrated into your Google Ads reporting, to allow you to see phone calls from your website on top of calls from your click-to-call campaign extensions.

Alongside being able to report on your pay-per-click calls from the Ads interface you can also view these calls in your Calltracks interface and in your Google Analytics account.

By integrating Ads call tracking your phone call data will also compliment ‘online’ conversions (such as emails and form fills), so you get a complete overview of the performance you are getting from your Ads account.


Better keyword analysis

Once you have gained a better understanding of what your spend is achieving you can make sure you don’t cut keywords that may actually be performing very well in driving calls direct from your website, even if they aren’t generating “click-to-call” extensions or form fills.

With the added ability to quickly and easily create additional tracking numbers through the Calltracks interface; you can also utilise tracking numbers in your Display advertising to give customers alternative options for contacting you to boost conversions.


Transactions from Phone Calls

If you are using Google Universal Analytics, and have also opted for Sales Linking you can also integrate your sales and transactional data from your phone calls into your Google Ads reports

You can achieve a greater understanding of the true value your Ads marketing provides across all touch points with Calltracks.

How it Works

When a customer clicks through from an Ads sponsored link to your website Calltracks will pick up their Google Analytics ID. You can set-up a goal within Google Analytics or Universal Analytics to then understand how many of these visitors convert over the phone.

Using your Ads interface it is possible to import your Google Analytics goals into Ads, so you can then track phone calls from both sets of reports.

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