Richmond Motor Group

Call tracking for car dealers and manufacturers:
Richmond Group has been selling cars for over 20 years and now has 4 franchise sites in the South East.  They are a very ambitious and successful family run business representing Hyandai, Citroen, and DS cars and vans.

How we helped

Richmond Motor Group switched to Calltracks as they wanted more data to help them with their decision making.  Calltracks data is much more detailed and granular, and the Richmond team also really value the Calltracks ‘Rapid Response’ Alerts.  Richmond were one of the first clients to try the alerts and helped us evolve and refine the product features.


The Alerts were an immediate success.  The very first alert resulted in a purchase Richmond would otherwise have missed and the alerts continue to be a game changer.  It is really-important for Richmond to identify ways to improve the sales processes.  The whole team have access to Calltracks as it’s really-easy for them to access what they need.  Calltracks data has provided Richmond with much more insight into customer behaviour.

Richmond has seen a rise in conversion rate.   They now identify and recycle the fumbled calls so Calltracks really helps with CX and is a great training tool too.  The auto-tagging really does all the hard work. It identifies the in-market customers and saves all the sifting.  Richmond are really happy with the Calltracks system.  It’s so easy to access just the correct data we need.

Calltracks have really helped both in credibility with the customer and as a great training tool. Call volumes are up and they have seen a rise in conversion rate. Calltracks has helped identify and solve a lot of issues. Calltracks is absolutely priceless.

Richmond Motor Group