Setup instructions – Form Javascript

Let’s get you setup!

The first thing you need to do is get your new leads into TalkingForms so we can call you as soon as a new lead comes in. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Add a piece of code to your website alongside your existing form or forms, or
  2. Send the lead via our API. You can use this if you want to push from your CRM, or directly from something like Facebook using Zapier. If you want to use the API please go to settings and click the API bubble for more documentation.

To get started, simply log in and click “Settings” at the bottom left of the orange menu bar. Then select ‘Forms’ from the bubble menu:

Name your form; the name can be anything you like and you can add multiple sources to a single form. The name could be simply who or where we will call through to.

Once you have named the form, you need to decide if you would like us to grab the leads from your existing web form or send them in via our API. This page covers Web setup; for API documentation please check the documentation inside the app.

Web Setup

1.- Form’s URL

If you choose web setup we will use your existing form on your website to turn in to calls. You will need the URL of the form on your website. For example, ours is on so we would paste this into the field. So simply head to the page with your form and copy the URL:

2.- Fields’ mapping

Next, we will load our mapping page which allows you to link your form fields to our system:

If you have more than one form on the page you are mapping, please select the correct one in the first dropdown.

You will need to select the fields within the dropdowns that map to your form. If you don’t differentiate between first and last name you should use the first field called ‘Full Name’. If you separate first and last names you should ignore the first field and use ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’

Please note that some fields in your form may have strange names. If nothing makes sense you can see what a field is called by right-clicking when your mouse is over the field you want to map. Then click “inspect” from the pop-up menu as shown here:

You will then be able to see what the field is called. Look for words like “name=” (as shown above). Here you can see the “First name” field is called “field_3412546563”.

Once you have matched the name, email and phone numbers, you will need to map the comments field, this is called “Lead Enquiry” in our mapping list.

3.- Phone number setup

Next, we will set up the number we will use to call you to read out the details from the form:

After that, you will need to set the number the person you are calling will see and validate it. It is important that you can receive a call on this number as we will ask you to validate it with a code shown on the next screen:

Once you click “Next” you will receive a call asking for a code, which will be shown on your screen like this (you should verify the number only the first time you use it):

4.- Add code to your page

When the setup is completed we will give you the code to be added to the webpage your form is on. Please do not use the code in this example, it will not work: you must use the code shown on the Barbuck screen:

Once that code is included in your page you will have the form ready to work with Barbuck!