Popular FAQs

The Free Trial is for 7 days. We do not charge a penny and you can use as many TalkingForm credits that you want. There are no restrictions.

We find that most customers really love the customer service. Quite often saying wow that was quick! It shows how responsive the company is and creates a really positive first impression. We just suggest that you consider the time of day and be respectful to your customer. They may make an enquiry and then have other plans, or it might be getting late. Just brief your team to think about how to approach the call to get the best outcome.

In most cases technical involvement is not needed. Integration is really simple and only takes a few minutes to do. You just need to follow a few simple steps and insert some code into your website which you can also do using tag manager. Take a look at the notes here in our support section.

YES, and research backs that up. There is a lot of data showing that speed of response is vital to winning a sale. 78% of customers give their business to the first company they speak to. Just brief your team to think about how they manage the call with customers. They won’t be expecting the call so it is the opportunity to impress them and show how efficient the business is and how much you want their custom.

YES. TalkingForms is not affected by any phone system. We just need to have a number we can automatically dial and connect to your team.

NO. It will not have any impact.

YES. TalkingForms works on every enquiry form and we will shortly be able to read email text too.

This is no different than a customer not answering your call. The number displayed to the customer can be yours or we can set up a number for you. This means if the customer calls back, they will come straight through to you. Although we find the success rate for getting in contact is in the high 90%s.

We show your preferred contact number when we call back. This can be your main number, or we can provide a separate number that routes to your main number so you can measure call backs. If you need help with numbers or routing just let us know.

If you want to qualify more of your form fills (enquiry forms), then absolutely! If your company sells products or services, then it will benefit from setting up TalkingForms.

OK tell me how much you spend to generate a lead and what percentage conversion you currently achieve. So, if you currently convert 25% of the forms to a sale then it costs you £x, and say each sale is worth £1,000. With TalkingForms, you will be in contact with over 90% of your form completions immediately – so expect lots more revenue! Do you want to sign up now?

YES, our rates exclude VAT that will add to any invoice.

NO, you can leave any of our standard packages at any time.

YES. TalkingForms are only contacting your customers that have already asked to be contacted. They have provided their information and we just ensure that you respond to their request quickly. Any information we hold on your behalf is managed in accordance with GDPR.