Sandown Group

Call tracking for car dealers and manufacturers:
Sandown Group is a leading supplier of new and used Mercedes-Benz in 6 locations in Surrey, Dorset, Wiltshire, and Hampshire.  Keith Jackman is Dealer Principal in Basingstoke branch and he also heads up marketing and CRM for the group.

How we helped

Keith worked with Calltracks while at his previous company and really liked how comprehensive the Calltracks data is compared to other services. The high-level of functionality is great, and the option to dig into the data rather than rely on standard reports, is terrific.  Calltracks deliver flexibility, functionality, support, and great quality data.

Keith said, the Calltracks system is fantastic. I get a weekly report showing me where all my leads come from, so I instantly know that each channel and campaign is working. We can then dig into the data for more insights – our marketing team use the data every day. I know I can trust the Calltracks data which makes it easier to make those important business decisions. The data joins the dots for me and removes any guesswork. The system is also invaluable for our call contact staff. Calltracks data helps us improve the experience  for customers and increase our staff efficiency. Missed calls had been an issue but we now have a Calltracks solution that helps us identify them and call each customer back quickly.


As the market evolves and toughens our Calltracks data becomes even more valuable.  We use it to check marketing decisions and focus our efforts on increasing conversions.  It’s important to track the sales and not just look at leads and Calltracks is invaluable here.  I want the team to spend more time in the system to help us manage the sales process.  The real time data is great, and instantly listening to calls is a big help. There is so much more that I want to do with the data to improve customer experience and conversion.  Keith said Stuart and his team at Calltracks are great problem solvers.  We really enjoy working with them. It’s a great partnership.

Sandown Group